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The mission of this working group is remarkably simple –  to promote the adoption of DCB as a trusted payment method. A global cross-stakeholder working group of DCB, VAS and Fraud experts come together on a monthly basis to collaborate on exactly how to do this in a manner which is both sustainable and protects consumers at all times.

As with all things MEF, the anti-fraud elements figures strongly through everything the group does and members have developed a fantastic fraud framework which defines the fraud types, user impact and solutions, be they technical or non-technical e.g. regulatory climate. The group is focused on market education to help all stakeholders including CSPs, aggregators, gateways, MNOs, advertisers and content / media owners better understand how to really leverage the DCB opportunity.


Whitepaper: Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content

MEF Webinar | Tackling DCB and adfraud in Content Monetization

DCB Fraud Working Group: Latest meeting Updates

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