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As highlighted in the recent member update, to stimulate action by MEF Members, a series of web-based sustainability sessions were organized last year and are being continued in 2023 and beyond.

In this way MEF hopes to contribute positively to stimulate CO₂ reductions by you, our Members.

  • July 6th, 2023: MEF Climate Education Webinar with guest speaker from Climeworks

We are pleased to be hosting a webinar next month dedicated to Climate Education. David Zorn, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Telco at Climeworks will provide a recap of the Direct Air Summit, including an introduction to climate leadership and the role of carbon removal in your NetZero strategy. Register here: The Role of Carbon Removal in Your Net Zero Strategy

Since 2020, the Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit has been a unique platform that brings together the carbon removal industry’s key players. Featuring technology, business, climate science and policy experts, the full-day event aims to spark insightful discussions and inspire new partnerships to fulfil the potential of direct air capture and carbon removal in the fight against global warming.The 2023 Summit took place on the 6th of June and members had free access.

  • MEF Climate Education Program (free for MEF Members)

In Q3 MEF is planning to kick off the MEF Climate Program, which like the MEF Climate Guide, aims to raise awareness and inspire MEF members to create their own Climate 2030 Action Plan.

  • MEF Climate Master Class (free for MEF Members)

Those MEF members who successfully complete the MEF Climate Program can participate in the MEF Climate Masterclass, which aims to be an interactive session helping MEF Members draft their own Climate 2030 Action Plan by the end of 2023!

  • Sustainability Award

This year MEF introduced the MEFFYS Award for Sustainability, which was judged by a panel of four industry experts (including Pandas, Qualcomm and ChapterZeroBrussels). It is fantastic to see how much is being done by Vodafone with their “Device Lifecycle Program” and others to make the mobile ecosystem more sustainable. We hope these awards will encourage even more companies to strive for both innovation and sustainability in the future. Images from the award ceremony can be seen here: MEFFYS 2023 – in pictures

This is a great opportunity for MEF Members to showcase products and solutions helping the industry achieve the 2030 emission reduction targets. To stimulate industry wide participation the scoring criteria will be announced in December. A jury of industry experts will evaluate all entries in January 2024, prior to MWC Barcelona.

  • MEF Climate Guide for SME’s

The MEF Climate Guide was launched in early 2023 and aims to be a useful document for MEF Members, who would like to start with your their action plan to reduce CO₂ emissions.

The guide is based on information from many reports, websites and industry guidelines and aims to be the condensed version of climate frameworks, studies and papers to thus enable MEF SMEs to easily digest all the relevant information and implement it faster. Via references and links, MEF Members are empowered to make their own transition towards a Net Zero future. The MEF Climate Guide can be downloaded here: MEF Climate Guide

Get Involved – Find out more

There are many opportunities, sponsored or otherwise, to get involved in the MEF Sustainability programme.

If you would like to find out more, speak to someone on the the team, or share your own initiatives and ideas with us, please leave your details in the from provided and someone will be in touch to discuss further.