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Everything that is digital on the internet, on the mobile web, in apps – tickets, films, music, e-paper, games and much more: With the mbe payment interface, you can let your customers pay easily, quickly and securely within a few seconds. Without lengthy registration or top-up processes.

Supported by all German mobile phone providers, almost every customer can pay with their cell phone easily, securely and without entering personal data.  This means ease of use for end customers and security for retailers.

mbe enables the billing of amounts up to EUR 50 and subscriptions. The mobile network operators take over the billing to the customer, along with the risk of non-payment – this means 100% payment security for the dealer!

So there are plenty of reasons for providers of digital content to allow their customers to pay by mobile phone bill!

Easy for our partners and their customers.

On the market since 2010, our goal is to simplify the purchase of digital goods on the (mobile) internet and to initiate spontaneous purchases.

We believe that not only should the end customers have it better, but also our contractual partners. The result is the extremely easy handling and integration of our interface into the systems of our contractual partners. Without lengthy development processes, the mbe payment platform can be implemented and used within a few hours.

Even the best idea needs strong partners.

For this reason we cooperate closely and successfully with the German mobile network operators Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica and Freenet as well as most service providers. This makes it possible for almost every mobile phone customer in Germany to pay with their cell phone. After all, what use is the best digital offer if customers leave during the payment process.