Company Profile/

Almuqeet Systems is an enterprise technology company focused on financial software’s such as payment gateway software, money transfer and remittance systems, banking software and extensions. The company has a vast experience in developing solutions for banking, payment processing, digital money and e-money business models. The Major clients among the industry are, InvestBank, QUIPI, Beekash Payment Systems, Devseller Software Payments, First Global Bank, Zambian National Bank, BeeRemit, UK Easy Remit.

Almuqeet Systems also focuses on one more vertical which is, the online advertising industry, having developed various campaign management, network delivery management and publisher-advertiser reporting portals, we can deliver advertising network solutions and software of any load, currently its product “TruffleAds”​ delivers more than 2 Million per minute views,

The Company was founded as an enterprise communication and solution company with its focus on VoIP and internet telephony systems in 2011, as Almuqeet Technology solutions, since then the company has experienced the market expertise in delivering focus and robust enterprise solutions.