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MEF Board Mobile Predictions 2021

Every year we ask MEF’s Global Board to share their insights into what will be the big trends and changes for the mobile ecosystem in the year ahead. Watch the discussion in full below and here Dario Betti, MEF CEO, shares his highlights from the debate. 2021 will be a…
Sam Hill
January 20, 2021
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MEF Connects On Demand – Chatting About Person to Business Messaging and Chatbots

MEF Connects Rich Communications sessions are all available to watch on demand - Here, Kirusa's Inderpal Singh Mumick shares some P2A messaging fundamentals, and explores how users can discover and start chatting with bots, the RCS standards for directories and practical solutions for discovery and deep linking support in messaging…
Sam Hill
January 5, 2021
Enterprise CommunicationsMEF Webinars & Workshops

Predator or Bait? Defining corporate strategy in the current conditions for messaging and CPaaS mergers and acquisitions

Paul Ruppert, President, Global Point View Ltd, shares an overview of the discussion held in a recent MEF webinar, “Mergers & Acquisitions in Messaging & CPaaS”, where a panel of industry insiders explored the recent trends observed across the mobile tech ecosystem. Has messaging gone from “bleak”- a low margin,…
Sam Hill
November 30, 2020

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