Key Member Services

Why become a MEF member?

Strategic Insights

Market and new sector facilitation

Knowledge Transfer



Content marketing

Business partnering across the mobile ecosystem – locally and globally

Access to global market analytics and resources

Opportunity to shape the industry through collaboration and advocacy

Exclusive access to member-only events

Visibility through MEF communication channels and speaking opportunities

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Full Member

£ 8,000

Per Year*
  • For companies with current net Assets over US$10 million
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Full Member

£ 5,000

Per Year*
  • For companies with current net Assets of between US$500,000 – $10 million
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Full Member

£ 3,000

Per Year*
  • For companies with current net Assets of Under US$500,000
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£ 4,000

Per Year*
  • For companies with more than 15 employees
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£ 900

Per Year*
  • For companies with 15 or fewer employees
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* A 25% deposit is applicable for the first year of membership.

What’s the difference between Full and Associate Membership?

Full members take a proactive agenda-setting and leadership role in the activities of MEF. With Associate membership members can participate in all activities but are essentially limited to observer status.

How do the fees work?

Membership is an annual subscription. The year one fee includes a refundable deposit of 25% of the annual fee. For example in year one a full member at the highest tier will pay £10,000.

Join MEF & Future of Messaging Programme

If you would like to join MEF and participate in the Future of Messaging Programme, then do not complete the form above, but please contact us for pricing options and details of how to join.

Can I join regionally?

No – all MEF members have full global access. You can join regional committees or apply to the Chapter boards, but your membership is global. Just like the mobile ecosystem!

How do I know which tier to join at?

Membership fees are set according to an applicant’s balance sheet assets as represented by shareholders equity or total revenue (in US$) whichever is higher, based on the best estimate for the value at time of application.