Company Profile/

Founded in Germany, MobiBox rapidly evolved from a promising start-up in the heart of Berlin, to become a leading technology provider in the monetization industry.

Our story started with the development of the first native in-app SDK for advertising DCB services, which paved the way for innovative payments and advertising solutions in the MENA region. Hence, our flagship product, Secret Box, was born. Introduced in the UAE with the operator Etisalat, Secret Box was the first cloud storage solution in the region to offer direct carrier billing as a payment method for in-app subscriptions.

The SDK’s remarkable success led to the development of new services, which enabled this SDK to evolve into a full-scale monetization platform: MobiBox.

Today, MobiBox is dedicated to enhancing DCB payments and advertising for mobile ecosystem key players, including mobile operators, aggregators, advertisers, and publishers. by offering its product stack Payment as a Service (PaaS) and Advertising as a Service (AdaaS).

  • Payment as a Service: our PaaS streamlines the process for businesses, providing them with a comprehensive solution to start their mobile payment platform, build and host their services, and gain access to multiple payment methods including direct carrier billing, e-wallets, and credit card.
  • Advertising as a Service: our AdaaS empowers businesses to launch and manage large-scale campaigns while leveraging AI-based technologies including bid optimization and marketing compliance tools, and advanced dashboards providing real-time insights into campaign performance.

From humble beginnings, MobiBox has become a pioneer in the monetization industry, with offices in Lebanon, Germany, and the UAE.

Our team had a clear vision from the outset: to develop a game-changing platform that would take payments and advertising on a journey of digital transformation. Today, we have achieved this goal and continue to drive innovation in the industry.