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Sam Media is a team of passionate and confident creatives, marketing experts and developers focused on delivering excellent products and services to hundreds of millions of mobile consumers worldwide.

A pioneer and a leader in the mobile entertainment and edutainment industry, Sam Media develops, distributes and promotes a wide range of highly engaging services ranging from AR/VR streaming and immersive gaming to brain-training and music sharing.

For more than twelve years Sam Media has worked closely with mobile operators and micro-payment providers to deliver engaging content to relevant audiences in more than forty markets worldwide.

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Ten take-aways from MEF’s anti-fraud webinar

Which MNO reduced fraud by 14x? What does PIN entry to do completion rates? And how can you tell if a $99 in-app payment is made by a fraudulent bot or an 11 year old on his Dad’s phone? These questions and more were answered in a MEF’s anti-fraud webinar… Anyone who has seen the Ray Harryhausen film Jason and the Argonauts will never forget the fighting skeleton scene. In it, our hero has to battle an army of relentless skeletons. So what does all this have to do with mobile content fraud? Well, the scene popped into my head when I was moderating last week’s MEF webinar

New whitepaper: Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content

Wherever there are digital transactions, there is the risk of fraud. Mobile content is no exception, with ever-evolving methods to defraud customers, mobile content providers, payment aggregators and MNOs. All stakeholders must be aware of the fraud types and their differing impacts in order to align on best practice, limit the risk and stay ahead of the fraudsters.

MEF’s DCB Fraud Working Group has published a new whitepaper Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content to raise awareness and show how DCB fraud can be minimised.

The road ahead for VAS: seven takeaways from the MEF webinar

The potential of e-sports. The rise of B2B2C. The challenge of balancing regulation with the freedom to innovate. There was much to discuss in a webinar that looked ahead to the future of mobile VAS… In the early 2000s a community of innovators noticed the passion consumers had for their (2G) phones. They saw a business opportunity.