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Fraud on digital monetization market is on the rise and jeopardizes business opportunities for all players. Direct Carrier Billing is one of the markets that suffers the most. And yet, a tremendous value is revealed when fraud is handled the right way. Evina was built on this statement. With 10+ years of R&D in cybersecurity and carrier billing, Evina’s team developed its anti-fraud solution:
EVINA DCBprotect. Evina makes a sustainable market for everyone. This is why our clients choose us, to boost and secure their growth.

Evina’s clients are all industry-players: Mobile Network Operators, Aggregators, and Content Editors. They use Evina’s solution to ensure and preserve their best engagement paths.

Evina, security for business growth.

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Ten take-aways from MEF’s anti-fraud webinar

Which MNO reduced fraud by 14x? What does PIN entry to do completion rates? And how can you tell if a $99 in-app payment is made by a fraudulent bot or an 11 year old on his Dad’s phone? These questions and more were answered in a MEF’s anti-fraud webinar… Anyone who has seen the Ray Harryhausen film Jason and the Argonauts will never forget the fighting skeleton scene. In it, our hero has to battle an army of relentless skeletons. So what does all this have to do with mobile content fraud? Well, the scene popped into my head when I was moderating last week’s MEF webinar

New whitepaper: Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content

Wherever there are digital transactions, there is the risk of fraud. Mobile content is no exception, with ever-evolving methods to defraud customers, mobile content providers, payment aggregators and MNOs. All stakeholders must be aware of the fraud types and their differing impacts in order to align on best practice, limit the risk and stay ahead of the fraudsters.

MEF’s DCB Fraud Working Group has published a new whitepaper Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content to raise awareness and show how DCB fraud can be minimised.

The DCB story has a beginning and an end you may not know

As part of a series from MEF’s new working group looking at DCB Fraud David Lotfi, CEO of MEF Member and cyberscurity specialists Evina shares details of a case study showing how their MNO client was able to reduce complaints and fraud rate while boosting revenue thanks to their collaboration on direct carrier billing security.

Industry Views: Why business models based on revenue sharing do not work when it comes to preventing DCB fraud

Earlier this year MEF’s DCB working group kicked off a new programme to look at tackling fraud in Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). The cross-stakeholder group is currently developing a fraud framework to seek industry alignment and help market education to ensure a sustainable trusted channel.

When looking at fraud detection solutions the topic of business models for solution providers is a focus area for discussion, with a clear recommendation that revenue sharing models cannot be good for the ecosystem.

5 minutes with… Evina

In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, CEO David Lotfi introduces cyber security specialists Evina.

We are an independent cybersecurity company with a unique focus that enables us to not only keep our clients safe but to do so in a disruptive new way that can power growth. EVINA DCBprotect is the current star amongst our line-up of anti-fraud products.