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Working Group to bring insights and generate interaction amongst the Members on key topics in mobile content & advertising. To join the group or for more information, please contact Member Manager Ewa Peppitt. Download the meeting slides Presentation from Clipfeed Download the meeting slides Presentation from BlackNgreen Download the meeting…
Sam Hill
January 24, 2022
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The Hidden Segment: The world’s disabled billion

The image the mobile industry projects is one of increasingly sophisticated gadgets and ever more impressive networks to support our personal and business lives. Rarely did the issue of People with Disabilities (PWDs) come into the discussion. Individual disabilities were addressed in a narrow world of charitable organisations and special…
Carol Benites
June 2, 2021
Mobile Advertising

MAD//Fest: Can eye get your attention?

Clicks seem like a clunky way to gauge the effectiveness of digital ads. Can eye tracking do better by measuring what people notice, not just what they do? Visitors to the MAD//Fest conference pondered the question. Tim Green observed… Every marketer knows we are living in the attention economy. In…
Tim Green
January 22, 2020