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Is Covid The “Big Bang” Of Digital Payments?

Fintech specialists Mondato recently hosted a webinar in partnership with MEF on ‘Innovative Approaches to Commercializing Digital Payments.’ The panel consisted of digital finance practitioners with global reach, and the rapid evolution of the payment space has been noticed and felt by all, but particularly in emerging markets.
Sam Hill
March 11, 2021
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Will Paypal bring bitcoin payments to the masses?

MEF’s series of Blockchain Podcasts continues with Dario Betti and Daniele Mensi’s regular discussions on the latest impact and innovations in blockchain in the ecosystem. This week – Paypal has announced support for the blockchain cryptocurrency – will this have an impact on people, and then on the online and…
Sam Hill
November 12, 2020
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Creating Seamless Customer Experiences with Multichannel Orchestration

At MEF Connects Rich Communications Syniverse hosted a conversation, led by MEF’s Tim Green, on the efforts being made to combine multi-channel communication strategies with automated, rules-based orchestration. Here Jeff Bak, Syniverse’s VP of Product Management for Cloud Messaging services shares his main takeaways from the discussion, which you can…
Sam Hill
October 27, 2020