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Personal data and identity (PD&I) is the lifeblood of modern business and the world’s economies. Organizations leverage it to streamline operations, innovate, know and service their customer and combat fraud. Governments use it to know and provide for their citizens, to encourage responsible growth and competition. And individuals are starting to use it to protect themselves, generate personal insights and personal value.

During MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity, we’ll be diving into all things PD&I and how PD&I is transforming every industry and society–from the ground up, from the outside in, and inside out.

The Business Messaging industry is converging with Conversational Commerce, and more widely with Customer Care and Digital Marketing.

It’s a perfect time for you to review your Omnichannel strategies, create new alliances, identify new target audiences for your goods and services, integrate new ideas and expand your knowledge of this fast-growing area.

In other words, now is the time for you to take advantage of the fantastic Mobile Digital Channels out there, to grow your business all whilst protecting your customers, and this event will show you how.

This year’s MEF CONNECTS WHOLESALE focused on industry topics and opportunities that both support the Wholesale business today and will set the scene for the Wholesale industry of tomorrow, exploring how carriers can embrace the 5G opportunity in terms of both the infrastructure required to enable it and also the solutions it can provide.

Experts and analysts from across our ecosystem provide insights and lively interactive sessions on the future of roaming and the future of wholesale messaging, the evolution of IoT and its impact on wholesale business models and the evolution of voice towards cloudification.

MEF CONNECTS WHOLESALE brought together representatives of wholesale forums and associations to provide you with insights and views on the various initiatives currently being undertaken to improve cross-carrier business efficiency in the industry and wholesale fraud and security.

With a population of 650 million, and being one of the most urbanized regions in the world, Latin America has huge potential for rapid further growth. Brazil alone has over 30% of the region’s population with subscribers there leading the way in app usage.

MEF CONNECTS LATAM was spread over two days: the first looking at LATAM as a whole, the second day zooming in on Brazil.

Through our MEF CONNECTS LATAM event we will be shining a spotlight on this region. MEF’s aim is simple: to connect industry stakeholders from around the world with regional players and those opportunities. Both members and non-members doing business across Latin America will be able to showcase their work to an international audience.

IoT is scaling rapidly towards a forecast of 25bn connected devices by 2030. This fast- growing market enables the enterprise to transform digitally to achieve new ways of working, to reduce costs and increase productivity. For suppliers, there are abundant opportunities in driving these changes with efficient devices, effective global connectivity, robust security and sustainable solutions.

MEF CONNECTS IoT brought together speakers from companies including Telefonica Global Solutions, Orange, Tata Communications, Nokia, Adaptive Mobile, Palo Alto Networks, IPification, WMC Global, NokNok Labs, Neustar, Cellusys, Global Message Services, Mobileum, ZARIOT, Pelion, POD Group, Apiro Data, GSMA and Credential Master.

In our digital world, where all forms of communications networks are based upon the need to understand identity, education and collaboration play a fundamental role in developing and deploying the most secure operational environments. This enables us to protect not just our own organisations, but those who consume the products and services we deliver.

MEF CONNECTS Cyber Security brought together speakers from companies including Telefonica Global Solutions, Orange, Tata Communications, Nokia, Adaptive Mobile, Palo Alto Networks, IPification, WMC Global, NokNok Labs, Neustar, Cellusys, Global Message Services, Mobileum, ZARIOT, Pelion, POD Group, Apiro Data, GSMA and Credential Master.

Digital Transformation accelerated when the pandemic hit in 2020: the world had to deal with remote/mobile services to bridge offices, factories and homes – but this also brought about increased issues with Digital Identity & Security, Digital Payments, and the effectiveness of New Marketing Models.

Over 3 packed days MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation delves deeper into best practises on Identity and Authentication, Direct Carrier Billing [DCB], Mobile Wallet, Mobile Advertising, RCS, Conversational Commerce and much more.

MEF CONNECTS: Business Messaging brought together the best technology providers across the globe who will share the latest use-cases and technological developments from both mobile network operators and OTT players.

The MEF CONNECTS: 2021 series of virtual events are where the mobile & digital technology industry meets with brands enterprises and media agencies to explore how their technology helping business form stronger and more meaningful relationships with their customers and gain deeper and more meaningful insights that deliver improved customer UX, more detailed metrics and profitability.

The Mobile Ecosystem is full steam ahead

Digital transformation is hitting consumers and enterprises like never before. But what does it mean for mobile; the experience at the ‘centre’ of it all? Innovators are at work to bring us a new future, now. This is a chance to learn, engage, collaborate & challenge the innovators of MEF.

As part of MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme, MEF Connects Rich Communications hosted 75 speakers bringing brands, MNO and the messaging industry to showcase the business messaging channels that are transforming customer engagement.

The agenda covered regional spotlights on RCS In Europe, Mexico and North America as well as use cases on WhatsApp Business Messaging, Apple Business Chat and Messenger by Facebook along with interactive debates on omnichannel, multichannel orchestration, chatbot discovery, messaging in payments and daily analyst briefings on predictions for #futureofmessaging. Enjoy it all again here.

MEF Connects Wholesale takes an ecosystem perspective to explore the business trends and challenges driving connectivity today and asks what will create tomorrow’s business?

Across 2-days online, we’ll look at wholesale trends across Voice, IoT, Messaging & RCS. Hear analysts & experts discuss what are the new rules, new channels and new partnerships that will accelerate the future of wholesale.