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The ultimate success of RBM will be based on its ubiquity and scale. However, only 15% of all mobile network operators worldwide were in a position to offer RCS Business Messaging (RBM) services as of end-2023, with monetised traffic in just 18 markets and monetised traffic volumes a fraction of those seen on A2P SMS.

In this document, MEF’s Basic RCS Working Group (established in January 2023) focuses on creating momentum behind the adoption of RBM by positioning Basic RCS (160-character text messages sent via RCS with verified sender ID) as a cost-effective and more secure platform for brands and businesses to communicate with customers.

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Alongside the use of Basic RCS to help drive scale, this document also provides business case scenarios based on how RBM can help mitigate against at least two of 14 fraud types identified by MEF in order to encourage more universal MNO adoption of RBM services.

Download RBM Impact on SMS Fraud: Basic RCS Working Group Update For RCS World (Oct 2023) now to stay ahead of the curve!


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