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Enterprise Communications

Enterprise Communications

Think global, look local with Cloud Calling

Thangaraj Durairaj, Head of Voice Vodafone Carrier Services, shares an update on how Vodafone are helping to keep people connected via cloud calling and explain what exactly the service is and how it works, We have come a long way! As we have adapted to life around the COVID-19 pandemic,…
Sam Hill
November 18, 2021
Enterprise CommunicationsInterviews

Mobile Africa: The Big Potential

MEF CEO Dario Betti explores the changing face of the African mobile markets and discusses the potential the continent offers – with input from a variety of MEF Members active in the region. The World Bank and African Development Bank report there are 650 million mobile users in Africa, surpassing the number…
Dario Betti
November 3, 2021
Enterprise CommunicationsInterviews

MEF 1:1s – Enabld

Alex Ciubuc, CRO and co-founder of Enabld speaks with MEF Director of Programmes James Williams about the history and future of their business and what motivated them to join the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, and participate in the discussion around the Business SMS Code of Conduct.
Sam Hill
October 12, 2021
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