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Founder & CEO of VOX CARRIER (Technologies) Ehsan Ahmadi speaks with MEF Director of Programmes James Williams about their business and what motivated them to join the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, as well as take an active role in the Business SMS Code of Conduct and becoming a founding member of…
Sam Hill
June 18, 2021
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The Hidden Segment: The world’s disabled billion

The image the mobile industry projects is one of increasingly sophisticated gadgets and ever more impressive networks to support our personal and business lives. Rarely did the issue of People with Disabilities (PWDs) come into the discussion. Individual disabilities were addressed in a narrow world of charitable organisations and special…
Carol Benites
June 2, 2021
Enterprise Communications

Transforming customer engagement with Business Messaging

Susie Riley, SVP & GM of the Monetization Business Unit at Mavenir discusses business messaging & customer engagement with MEF CEO Dario Betti, exploring case studies across retail, brands, and municipalities to understand how they are leveraging chat across multiple messaging channels such SMS, RCS and other mobile ecosystems to…
Sam Hill
May 12, 2021