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Working Group to bring insights and generate interaction amongst the Members on key topics in mobile content & advertising. To join the group or for more information, please contact Member Manager Ewa Peppitt. Download the slides
Sam Hill
January 24, 2022
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Mobile Games Consumer Survey 2021

For some, it is difficult to relate to mobile games as a proper media category. But that it most definitely is. Games played on mobile phones is now a vibrant industry, having grown considerably since the first preloaded game Tetris was preinstalled on the Siemens S1 in 1993, reaching consumers…
Sam Hill
December 15, 2021
Guest blogMobile Content

Telcos and the Digital Imperative

Shiv Putcha, Principal Analyst at emerging tech specialists Mandala Insights, takes a look at the importance of digital transformation and how the telecoms industry is faring on their journey to embrace the emerging wider digital landscape and become “smart” organisations. The telecommunications industry today, depending on whom you speak to,…
Sam Hill
November 25, 2021
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MEF CONNECTS Wholesale: Analyst Briefing – OMDIA Reports on The Outlook for Wholesale

Available to view on demand now, MEF CONNECTS Wholesale virtual event brought together representatives of wholesale forums and associations to provide insights and views on the various initiatives currently being undertaken to improve cross-carrier business efficiency in the industry. Taken from day 1, Julian Watson, Principal Analyst, Wholesale Telecoms at…
Sam Hill
October 14, 2021