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As the mobile channel grows, so – regrettably – does mobile fraud. But industry stakeholders are now using technical defences and self-policing to fight back. Information sharing is also vital. Hence this yearbook. In it we will define the various frauds, discuss the newest threats and present the defences…

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MEF’s Members have been combating fraud for 20 years. Today, MEF leads the fightback via a combination of technical defences, information sharing and self-regulation.

This yearbook – the first ever on anti-fraud – is part of that defence. In it, we will define the various fraud types, gauge their impact, assess the defence options and track the important changes that occurred during 2022.

Contents in brief

  • An overview of all key MEF anti-fraud activities

  • Market size and forecasts

  • Business messaging fraud

  • Mobile ad fraud

  • Direct carrier billing fraud

  • Conclusion and take aways

While fraud has always been around, it has exploded in the digital era. It’s easy to see why. In the absence of physical contact, criminals can deploy all manner of technical tricks and social engineering scams to deceive their targets. Companies and industry stakeholders are now building up their collective defences against the fraudsters. The tools are better. And there’s more awareness than there has ever been.

At MEF, we are part of this collective fight back. All over the world, our members are teaming up to develop anti-fraud tech, self-regulation schemes, education programmes and government consultation. And now, in this yearbook, we are providing an essential guide to the state of mobile fraud and all the attempts to combat it. It’s a first for us, and a necessary step. We hope you find it useful – and that its publication plays a part in making the mobile channel a little safer for everyone.

Dario BettiMEF CEO