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This MEF Climate Guide aims to be a useful document for MEF-Members who would like to start with its own action plan to start reducing its CO₂ emissions. Action is needed since our climate is changing.

It is based on information from many reports, websites and industry guidelines. It is not the aim of the author to create a new or better version. On the contrary. This Climate Guide aims to be the condensed version of climate frameworks, studies, and papers, to thus enable MEF SMEs to easily digest all information and implement faster.

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Via references and links the MEF-Members are empowered to make their own transition towards a NetZero future. To stimulate action by MEF-Members, a series of web-based sustainability sessions were organized in 2022 and will be continued in 2023 and beyond. In this way MEF hopes to contribute positively to stimulate the CO₂ reductions of the MEF-Members.

Contents in brief

  • About Climate Change

Why our climate is changing and why immediate action is needed

  • Measuring our ICT Emissions

Taking a closer look at the GHG emissions of our ICT sector in which most of our MEF-Members are active

  • Execution of Climate Actions by SMEs

Covering the implementation of corporate climate activities and shows what activities are causing the GHG emissions and how to calculate emissions and emission reduction targets

  • Reporting

The reporting actions of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Smaller companies might find it difficult to create a clear action plan since their in-house expertise might be lacking. Especially for those MEF-Members, this Chapter provides guidance and useful tips for reporting and communications

  • Further Reading

An overview of useful websites and articles for further reading

This MEF Climate Guide aims to facilitate the MEF-Members an easy route to NetZero in 2050. Although this seems far away, action is needed today: every day, tons of CO₂ are emitted by our Members, their suppliers, and customers, which will take great efforts by humans and a long time by nature to be recaptured again.

Dario BettiMEF CEO

This MEF Climate Guide aims to be a simple and compact climate guide: a summary of many of documents (hundreds of pages) dealing with -perhaps- the most important topic of this century: our climate is changing rapidly, and all companies (large and small) have to contribute to reduce GHG emissions. Our ICT sector is polluting like many other industries. The ICT sector is in a unique position to help other sectors reduce their emissions via new ICT products and services as you will read in this Climate Guide.

Gerrit Jan KonijnenbergNED and MEF Special Advisor