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Half a century ago, the mobile industry connected two people for the first time. Today, the total number of connections is closing in on 11 billion. What does this tell us?

First, it reflects the universal human desire to communicate (and pay to do so).

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Second, from the telco point of view, it reveals that for all the success of value added mobile services, our industry’s foundation will always be connectivity. This yearbook – the first ever on wholesale – is your guide across that vast world of connectivity.

Contents in brief

  • An overview of all the key MEF Connectivity programme activity

  • Market size and forecasts/Industry M&A

  • Key developments in voice

  • Key developments in messaging

  • Key developments in IoT

  • Key developments in data

  • Key developments in roaming

  • Conclusions and take-aways

MEF’s Connectivity workstream comprises virtually every major company active in the sector. Our members are committed to building the best possible future for the industry. And information is key to that process, right?
So welcome to the first MEF yearbook for the connectivity community. In it you’ll find the latest data and thinking on voice, messaging, data, IoT and roaming. We hope it’s useful. Read it, share it, steal from it!

James WilliamsMEF Director of Programmes