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Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Marketing automation: a market to grow more and more

Ubiquity assesses the growing role of mobile marketing automation as their new white paper explores how the tech and digital transformation will disrupt relationships between customers and enterprises. Estimates are constantly trending upwards: the marketing automation software market is set for for significant increases. According to recent research from Grand…
Sam Hill
September 28, 2017
MEFTVMobile Advertising

Mobile advertising in China is closing in on America

Rangar Kruse, CEO of Smaato shares insights into the state of mobile advertising in China, and reveals that China may soon overtake the US as the highest spending advertising market. We caught up with Ragnar at GMIC Beijing. According to the Smaato Global Trends Report, the United States consistently takes…
Sam Hill
June 17, 2016
Guest blogMobile AdvertisingPrivacySecurity

What’s the Deal with Adware on Android?

In most cases, the “free” Android applications you download from Google’s Play store aren’t free at all. These developers aren’t just developing apps for you out of the kindness of their collective hearts. Like most online services that don’t ask for the traditional up-front payment, the mobile application profit-model relies…
Sam Hill
December 5, 2013