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Industry views: A2P messaging and fraud

Last week MEF published the A2P Messaging Fraud Framework – the first release from its new industry programme The Future of Messaging. It identifies 11 distinct fraud types that impact the global messaging business today. The Future of Messaging Working Group consists of 25 founding members including mobile operators, messaging…
Sam Hill
May 26, 2016
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Spotlight on: Hiya

The best way to fight back against phishing is to help people to know they are being phished. So says Stanley Kim, general manager of communications experience at Hiya. He talked to MEF about the power of ‘caller ID’ to combat phone spam… Last summer, a study revealed that email…
Tim Green
May 25, 2016
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Don’t forget about good old SMS!

Fresh from her recent talk at the B2B Marketing Expo on how to leverage SMS to make you a smarter marketer, Gillian Hughes, Vice President of Corporate Sales at Veoo shares her thoughts on the renaissance of SMS and how it is proving to be an effective channel for many…
Sam Hill
May 24, 2016

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