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Tim Green

Mobile Advertising

MAD//Fest: Can eye get your attention?

Clicks seem like a clunky way to gauge the effectiveness of digital ads. Can eye tracking do better by measuring what people notice, not just what they do? Visitors to the MAD//Fest conference pondered the question. Tim Green observed… Every marketer knows we are living in the attention economy. In…
Tim Green
January 22, 2020
Mobile Content

Why TikTok is everywhere – including Mad//Fest 2019

ByteDance’s video sharing app is now installed on 1.5 billion phones. Meanwhile its ad sales execs are installed at digital marketing events such as Mad//Fest in London. Tim Green digs into a mobile phenomenon. In the last few weeks, I have attended two London events on behalf of MEF: the…
Tim Green
November 22, 2019