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Digital Natives: What does it mean to be a digital native in a 5G world?

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Tim Barber, Vice President of Global Telecoms and Media Industry at MEF Member ForgeRock shares insights into the impact of 5G and identity on “digital native” individuals and companies for whom the online digital world is the only marketplace.

Everyone is by now probably familiar with the concept of ‘Digital Natives’ – a phrase first coined by Mark Prensky in 2001, to describe the generation of people born after the advent of widespread use of digital technology. By contrast, ‘digital immigrants’ – those pre-dating 1985 – are destined to be locked in a struggle to adapt to this new digital world order.

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Six Key Questions on the Future of RCS

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MEF Member mGage‘s Phil Speer, Director of Solutions Engineering, explains six key points relating to Rich Communications services and how they will affect the messaging ecosystem.

If you’re one of mGage’s partners, or even if you’re not, you have perhaps heard about Rich Communication Services (RCS) the next generation of text messaging. (The BBC recently described RCS as an “SMS replacement.”) mGage has created a dedicated RCS team to keep up with the latest and to support our clients in developing RCS pilot programs.

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Brazil is on the verge of its new Data Privacy Law

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Rafael Pellon, MEF LatAm advisor and partner at Focaccia, Amaral, Salvia, Pellon & Lamonica Advogados discusses the ongoing debate in the Brazilian legislature surrounding the adoption of GDPR-like rules governing data privacy for the country.

At the end of May the House of Representatives in Brazil approved the Bill of Law 4060/2012 that would establish a General Data Privacy Law in the country. On this week, given the strong engagement of internet rights NGOs, trade associations, government authorities and luminaries of the academia and legal sectors, Senator Renato Ferraço…

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GDPR: Profiling And The Mobile Ecosystem

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The GDPR special edition of MEF’s eBulletin series, supported by CLX Communications, highlights the perspectives of the diverse MEF membership and experts on their path to preparing for GDPR compliance.

Personal profiling has long-since been the bedrock of how data is used in the digital economy. It can, divulge a users location, help track usage patterns across devices or set up recommendations for online shopping. GDPR in many ways is rock, paper and scissors to the business of profiling. Here GDPR analyst and author of “Applying the GDPR. Privacy Rules for the Data Economy” Chiara Rustici, discusses profiling and the importance of compliance.

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CPaaS: Transforming Enterprises into Digital Innovators

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MEF Member CLX Communications and Juniper Research, have released a new white paper that explores the rise of Communications as a Platform (CPaaS), and how enterprises can harness the tech to enhance their customer offering.

The last decade has seen a rapid change in how enterprises buy software and hardware, primarily driven by the boom in Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

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Why You Should Care About RCS Business Messaging – mGAGE

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Nick Millward, VP of Commercial & Product explores the use cases of Rich Communications Services (RCS) and how they will provide advanced messaging for consumers across a variety of types of service.

At the recent Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018, one of the hottest trends was RCS (Rich Communication Services) business messaging. Google announced at the show that more than 50 global carriers in 40 countries now support RCS – a significant step forward in terms of industry acceptance, with another 50 carriers expected to launch RCS before the end of the year.

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Rich Communication Services are Coming

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Gavin Patterson, Chief data analyst at Mobilesquared discusses the promise of RCS and the services they could bring, ahead of a MEF Future of Messaging Workshop at ITW 2018.

The buzz around RCS enterprise messaging at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year was intense. The entire value chain appeared to unite in publicising various trials that showcased uplifts in click through rates compared to SMS, increased customer satisfaction rates compared to SMS and, perhaps most importantly, increased conversion rates compared to SMS.

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Defending against SMiShing – Barclays

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Jez Goldstone, Director of Customer Security Innovation in the Chief Security Office at Barclays Bank, outlines the contents of a new whitepaper which sheds light on the issue of SMiShing, whereby a phone user is tricked into taking unwanted action or downloading malware via SMS.

Smishing is a big problem across a number of industries. Our customers, and yours, are getting tricked into taking actions by fraudsters.

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Is Machine Learning really boosting mobile marketing engagement?

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Stéphanie Viriot, from MEF Member and digital security specialists Gemalto explores machine learning and how it can be harnessed to deliver practical results in mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing is widely used now by many different actors, which is great to see, but it is still difficult to send personalized interactions and specifically tailored offers to the end-users. Consequently, threshold limits of campaign responses/acceptance rates tend to be relatively low.

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Moving Beyond the Data Plan

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Ahead of an exclusive panel at MWC examining the next generation of disruptive content services, Syntonic Co-Founder and CEO Gary Greenbaum here discusses the market opportunities for content solutions that allow consumers to experience the mobile internet beyond their data plan with unrestricted access to apps and content.

Today’s basic data plan is built around ‘megabytes’ and ‘gigabytes’ of data, however, the concept of data is fundamentally abstract and confusing for the consumer.

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