Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 13.57.58’s Julian Ranger – why The Internet Of Me will change the world

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Imagine a world where rich customer data is available to business – with complete privacy to the individual. Julian Ranger says his company,, can make this happen. And it’s game changing, he explained to MEF Minute…

Julian Ranger has the cards out again. He is talking about his start-up by dealing, cutting and turning over 52 playing cards.

It’s an unusual way for a tech entrepreneur to pitch his business idea. But Ranger is not a regular tech entrepreneur. Sure, he has impeccable geek credentials. But he’s also a showman. And he’s hit on a novel way of explaining the concept behind his current venture,

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Breakwater of Vajont

Distraction and denial – a lesson for cyber-security

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Andrew Bud, CEO of facial recognition startup iProov, draws striking parallels between a paradigm shift presently underway for the biometric cyber security community and an historic tragedy discovered on a trip to Italy.

High up in the Italian Dolomites, between the fine Baroque town of of Belluno and the chic resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo lies the incongruously anonymous and modern town of Longarone. In it, the tourist signposts all point to something called the Vajont Dam.

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The Internet is on fire: trust, privacy and mobile security in Europe

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Last week in Berlin MEF hosted the first meet-up in a new Consumer Trust series designed to bring together members and guests to discuss the burning issues companies must grapple with when it comes to privacy and security in the mobile ecosystem.

The evening was kindly hosted by Deutsche Telekom at their innovation space hub:raum and speakers included Samu Konttinen of F-Secure, Graham Thomas and Andreas Sommerwerk from Deutsche Telekom, Elena Turtureanu from Smaato and Michael Franzkowiak of Contiamo.

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Biometric data: the next step in consumer authentication

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The way in which consumers verify their identity online is rapidly changing, a development being driven forward by biometric data. Carlos Häuser, MD at MEF Member Wirecard Technologies explains.
Consumers should probably not be too surprised if they soon find themselves being addressed as follows: “Dear customer, please turn on your webcam and have your ID at the ready. We will shortly conduct a brief ID check”. This kind of procedure may, for example, be introduced for opening an online account in order to verify a customer’s identity, thereby making the personal signature a thing of the past.

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Online Identification and Security with Finger Pointing at Fingerprint

Tech focus: mobile and biometric authentication

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Heartbeat, iris, face, vein…every one is a potential identifier of you. So can biometric authentication rescue us from the hell of remembering passwords?
Passwords and PINs are a nightmare. Criminals can phish for them or use ‘brute force’ attacks to try millions of combinations in split seconds until they find the right one. Meanwhile, consumers are encouraged to use passwords composed of long strings of digits, which they inevitably forget.
According to a study from Cyber Streetwise, the average British consumer needs to recall 19 passwords to access all his or her logins for email, social networks, e-commerce and banking. It’s ridiculous. And it’s why so many people choose just one password and make it something memorable. Like ‘password’. Clearly, passwords are not the best solution for digital activity.

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Building the sustainable business of consumer trust

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MEF’s fourth Annual Consumer Trust Summit was recently held in in New York, where mobile privacy experts, MEF members and guests met to discuss the business critical issue of consumer trust and privacy. MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter opened the event, and here offers a call to action for the industry to address the growing need to build trust & empower mobile consumers via the next phase in MEF’s Consumer Trust initiative....
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