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At MEF Connects Cyber Security, industry analyst Terry Norman led an expert panel discussing 5G in the context of  cybersecurity, and explore the specific risks that may be introduced or amplified as more 5G networks are deployed.

  • Terry Norman, Management Consultant [Digital Strategy]
  • Bechara Kaddoum, Cybersecurity Business Executive, EMEA & APAC – Telefonica Global Solutions
  • Jason Longley, Technical Leader Service Provider Security – Palo Alto Networks
  • Alessandro Bovone, CX CTO North & West Europe – Nokia
  • Martin Beauchamp, Senior Security Analyst – GSMA
  • Remy Harel, Network Security Manager – Orange

Watch the full video below.

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MEF CONNECTS Cyber Security brought together speakers from companies including Telefonica Global Solutions, Orange, Tata Communications, Nokia, Adaptive Mobile, Palo Alto Networks, IPification, WMC Global, NokNok Labs, Neustar, Cellusys, Global Message Services, Mobileum, ZARIOT, Pelion, POD Group, Apiro Data, GSMA and Credential Master.

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