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Guest blogRegulation

Brazilian AI Legislation looks to protect consumers’ rights

The Brazilian legislative landscape is making significant strides in understanding and regulating Artificial Intelligence, recognizing its potential impacts on society. Here, Nathalia Santos, a specialist in technology and intellectual property at Pellon Advogados, shares an update on the key points. Recently, on April 24th, the legislative branch released a preliminary…
Sam Hill
May 15, 2024
Enterprise CommunicationsRegulation

The Evolution of Telecoms and Media Regulation

ICLG has published the 2024 edition of Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations Guide, and once again MEF was asked to contribute the opening chapter. The publication covers common issues in telecoms, media & internet laws and regulations, including Cybersecurity, Interception, Encryption and Data Retention. Here is an excerpt…
Sam Hill
January 11, 2024
Personal DataRegulation

Brazil amends Constitution to list privacy as a fundamental right

Media & IP Law specialist Nathalia Santos share an update on the latest developments in Brazilian data privacy regulation, and a recently approved amendment to the Constitution which consolidates individuals’ personal data rights and recognizes that personal data protection, including by digital means, is a fundamental human right now afforded…
Sam Hill
February 17, 2022