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Biometric data: the next step in consumer authentication

The way in which consumers verify their identity online is rapidly changing, a development being driven forward by biometric data. Carlos Häuser, MD at MEF Member Wirecard Technologies explains. Consumers should probably not be too surprised if they soon find themselves being addressed as follows: “Dear customer, please turn on…
Sam Hill
February 2, 2016
PrivacySecurityTech Focus

Tech focus: mobile and biometric authentication

Heartbeat, iris, face, vein…every one is a potential identifier of you. So can biometric authentication rescue us from the hell of remembering passwords? Passwords and PINs are a nightmare. Criminals can phish for them or use ‘brute force’ attacks to try millions of combinations in split seconds until they find…
Tim Banks
November 18, 2015
Guest blogMobile AdvertisingPrivacySecurity

What’s the Deal with Adware on Android?

In most cases, the “free” Android applications you download from Google’s Play store aren’t free at all. These developers aren’t just developing apps for you out of the kindness of their collective hearts. Like most online services that don’t ask for the traditional up-front payment, the mobile application profit-model relies…
Sam Hill
December 5, 2013
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