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Native advertising’s giant leap into mobile

As the debate rages on about ad blockers and the future of mobile advertising, Jay Hinman, VP of Marketing at Smaato explores how creative native ads remain one of the most effective tools in a mobile publishers arsenal. With all the hullabaloo around mobile ad blocking cresting in recent weeks,…
Sam Hill
December 2, 2015
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Connecting the African mobile ecosystem

Last month, MEF hosted the fourth annual MEF Connects Africa during AfricaCom week in Cape Town, where MEF members and guests gathered to discuss the African mobile ecosystem an the opportunities and challenges it faces. We asked some of the attendees for their take on the mobile situation in Africa…
Sam Hill
December 1, 2015

Future of TV? It’s the UI, stupid

Everyone’s trying to offer us new things to watch on TV. Great, but how about giving us a better way to find it, says Tim Green. And he thinks the mobile might be the answer... At home my TV offers me an array of special treats. Here’s what I can…
Tim Banks
September 10, 2015