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Josh Fenn, Senior Marketing Manager at internet giant & MEF Member Baidu, shares his six tips for understanding the burgeoning mobile applications market in Indonesia, as well as a wealth of data from the MoboMarket Android App store, which boasts 4 million monthly active users in Indonesia.

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With a population of over 250 million people, Indonesia is an increasingly important market for mobile developers. But it’s difficult to know the most effective way to reach Indonesian users unless you can get an inside peek into how people there are searching for, downloading and updating their apps.

Baidu’s Android app store MoboMarket has gained a loyal following in Indonesia, with over 4 million monthly active users. With the user behavioral data gathered through MoboMarket, we have compiled our Q2 2015 Indonesia Mobile Data Report to help app developers and marketers gain a better understanding of the habits of Indonesian users. Here are some of the most salient takeaway points from the paper:

  1. Indonesian users prefer not to browse – they get right to the point

Indonesian users looking for apps to download tend not to browse; rather, they search for exactly the app they want to download. We found that the search-to-download conversion rate on MoboMarket made up 59.35% of all downloads. This is similar to the habits of users in western markets. Case in point, a 2014 study published by MobileDevHQ found that 53% of U.S. users found their desired app by searching on the Google Play store instead of by browsing.

  1. Casual and puzzle games are the most popular categories in Indonesia

Among all types of games, those in the “Casual and Puzzle” category had the highest percentage of downloads at 28.50%. The second most popular category of games in Indonesia is racing games, which are downloaded only half as frequently and command 14.04% of the total share of game downloads.

  1. Saturday is the most popular app download day

[youtube]Saturday is the most popular day for app downloads in Indonesia, with 16.77% of all weekly game downloads taking place on that day, and 19.62% of the weekly downloads of all other types of apps. Sunday is the 2nd most popular download day in Indonesia. When promoting an app for the Indonesian market, it’s best to target weekends.

  1. Staying up-to-date on social networks is important

Among Indonesian MoboMarket users, social networking apps were updated 2 times more frequently than games, and over 5 times more frequently than music and video apps. Indonesian users value staying social and want to make sure they’re not missing out on any new features of BBM, Facebook, Instagram, Line or other SNS apps.

  1. Smaller is better

For MoboMarket users in Indonesia, we found that the percentage of downloads of large packages was relatively small, which indicates less-than-optimal Internet speeds, even on Wi-Fi.  To add to that, the majority of MoboMarket users downloaded their apps over 3G (59.08%), followed by 2G (28.30%) and then Wi-Fi (12.61%). Thus, it would be advisable to aim for a small APK size for the Indonesian market.

  1. Indonesian users are eager to try out apps for kids

josh-fennJosh Fenn

Senior Marketing Manager


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For Indonesian users browsing MoboMarket looking for something to try out, apps for kids proved extremely popular. The browsing-to-downloads conversion rate for this category of apps was a whopping 58.41%, meaning that users in Indonesia are willing to give these types of apps the benefit of the doubt. The second highest browsing-to-downloads conversion rate was for tourism apps, at 49.67%.