Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – Infinite Convergence on the value of secure messaging

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Secure messaging is critically important for any enterprise with sensitive information to protect. Infinite Convergence developed the NetSfere app to give enterprise employees safe messaging that’s also fun to use. MEF Minute spoke to the firm at Money 20/20 last month.

Around a decade ago, digital technology and the smartphone changed the workplace. Gradually, people stopped using their company desktops and laptops exclusively for work, and began to do business from their own mobile devices.

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Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – Ubiquity on messaging for banks and beyond…

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Messaging giant Ubiquity works closely with banks in its native Italy. But the company has ambitions beyond financial services. In this video from Money 20/20, MEF talked to Ubiquity’s VP of growth Daniel Mensi…

In the early part of the decade, Italian banks answered the call from customers to go mobile. They started to send notifications about transfers, account balances and so on direct to people’s phones.

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iTouch Messaging : MEMS is a rich-media messaging platform, for Africa too

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Waheed Adam, Chairman of iTouch Messaging, describes a rich-media messaging solution tailored to the African markets and describes the unique challenges and solutions facing businesses bringing these services to the region.

While Africa faces many technological challenges in terms of bandwidth and stable/affordable data and internet rates/services, improvements are being made and the technology ecosystem is getting better.

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What’s next for enterprise messaging? CLX’s Robert Gerstmann discusses RCS

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Just a few days before Mobile World Congress, Google announced plans to integrate RCS messaging in to new Android handsets. 27 mobile carriers and OEMs have agreed to make it their default-messaging app so that the newly christened ‘Android Messages’ will become a native feature of Android devices going forward.

Here, MEF member, Robert Gerstmann, MD for CLX Communications discusses the significance of the Google RCS announcement.

Robert also caught up with MEF TV at Mobile World Congress. See his thoughts from the show floor in the video below.

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MMD Smart: Give em’ what they want!

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Ira Cohen, VP of Business Development and Marketing for MEF Member MMD Smart reflects on an eventful MWC 2017, and how the changes seen on the show floor reflect the ongoing evolution of the mobile industry.

“Is this really a mobile congress or is this the Detroit Auto Show?” was my first internal impression of MWC 2017. The dynamic changes from my first time at MWC 20 years earlier in Cannes, when it was still called the GSMA Conference, and even from many previous times attending MWC in Barcelona, are extraordinary.

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Telecoming: taking user experience to the next level

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Telecoming´s Head of UX, David Murillo explains why now more than ever, the user experience is critical to the mobile experience – plus, MEFTV speaks to CEO Cyrille Thivat about their business and the mobile ecosystem.
The latest Mobile World Congress portrayed that user behaviour patterns are one of the most requested insights when designing a customer journey. It’s the starting point of a journey towards achieving the main goal of mobile services: to provide users with a tailored consumer experience that meets his or her needs.

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#MWC17 Snapshot: Member views from the show floor

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At this year’s Mobile World Congress MEFTV was on the show floor all week checking out the hottest new tech and speaking to MEF members.

There was plenty to explore including a big focus on IoT and connected living, new (and old) handsets as well as a fairground of VR and AR demos. We’ll be publishing in-depth interviews and analysis from our members as well as the recordings from MEF’s sessions on consumer trust, enterprise messaging and sponsored data in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, here’s a quick preview giving you a snapshot on the lowdown of #MWC17.

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How to succeed in China: highlights from MEF Connects Beijing

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You can’t succeed in China unless you have an unfair advantage. But if you do have one, the rewards are huge. That was the key take-away from experts at the recent MEF Connects China held during GMIC Beijing…

Thinking of expanding your business into China? Be careful. This is the advice from a VC that specialises in taking overseas companies into the region.

“95 per cent of companies do not belong here.”

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Mobile advertising in China is closing in on America

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Rangar Kruse, CEO of Smaato shares insights into the state of mobile advertising in China, and reveals that China may soon overtake the US as the highest spending advertising market. We caught up with Ragnar at GMIC Beijing.

According to the Smaato Global Trends Report, the United States consistently takes the lead as the world’s largest advertising market. However, China’s recent explosive mobile advertising growth rate suggests that the world may soon have a new ad spend leader.

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Views from the showfloor: MEFTV at GMIC Beijing

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MEF Minute was at this year’s Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing among the 25,000 mobile industry executives, entrepreneurs, developers and investors on the show floor over 3 days.

We asked exhibiting MEF members and speakers from our own MEF Connects China event held just before GMIC, including Google and Syniverse, about some of the challenges and opportunities presented by the Chinese mobile ecosystem, and to share their tips for how to get ahead in this unique and exciting market.

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