Member interview – Kaleyra

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MEFTV speaks to Aniketh Jain, CEO & Co founder at Solutions Infini and Managing Director at new enterprise comms giant Kaleyra during MWC 2018, where he explains the goals of their new business and how they view the industry evolving.

“People are talking about RCS people are talking about chatbots, all of them are talking about multiple applications – messaging as a service, it will be interesting to bring all that together as one single piece, and thats where my focus is – to stitch together this product and offer it to the global customers with simplicity.”

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Member interview – R&D Communication

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MEFTV speaks to Daniele Poiero, Founder and CEO of R&D Communication about their business and some of the challenges facing the growth of the A2P SMS market.

“If we talk about barriers – regulation which is somehow lacking.. or not well controlled in some countries around the world by local governments – the industry is affected.. the consequence is the birth and growing of illegal rogues that are quite an issue for the companies that try to work properly within the business..”

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10 take-ways from MEF Connects Digital – what’s next for African digital content?

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Africa stands on the brink of a digital content revolution. A vast mobile-first audience is ready to embrace affordable streaming services in huge quantities. Well, that’s the theory. It is feasible? Last week’s MEF Connects Digital webinar, supported by Content Connect Africa, convened five insiders to find out…

There are two ways to look at the African digital content market.

The first focuses on a continent of rising economic wealth with a youthful mobile-first population hungry for entertainment.

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Member Interview: AppScatter

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MEFTV speaks to Jason Hill, Chief Revenue Officer for AppScatter during the recent Pocket Gamer Connects event in London about their business and the future of the global app ecosystem.

“Gaming companies primarily generate revenue through mobile advertising or in-app purchasing.. if they’re just on Apple & Google they limiting their reach to customers.. ”

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MEF Members at Messaging & SMS World: Telefónica

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MEFTV speaks to Tim Houlihan, Commercial lead for A2P Messaging Development for Europe at Telefónica and MEF EMEA Board Member during the Messaging & SMS World in London where he discussed the future of A2P SMS, describing Telefónica’s three pronged approach as “secure, monetise and enrich”.

“How do we take the existing A2P SMS channels and layer in other interesting things, like IP, RCS is a big buzzword, messaging as a platform…”

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8 trends for mobile gaming in 2018

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Gaming is still one of the biggest sectors in mobile, home to pioneering monetisation strategies and countless innovations. MEFTV visited last month’s Pocket Gamer Connects London to meet the community and get a taste of the mobile gaming industry in 2018 – what are some of the current themes being talked about, how is gaming evolving and what’s next for the industry? Watch out for more in-depth features on Blockchain, esports and member interviews in the coming weeks, but for now here’s what we heard on the show floor.

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How TurnUp Music is upturning South Africa’s music scene…

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Streaming music is taking over the world. But not in developing markets, where data is pricey and handsets are basic. As a result, piracy reigns. Here, Thabiet Allie explains why he built a legal alternative: TurnUp Music…

Piracy is annihilating Africa’s vibrant music scene, as it has the rest of the world. But whereas mature market users are learning to embrace services like Spotify and Deezer, Africa needs a different kind of remedy.

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Infobip: Collaboration the key to a successful ecosystem

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Infobip’s Kevin Britt, Country Manager for UK & Ireland discusses the evolving role of A2P SMS as an essential communication channel for enterprises, and how more than ever, collaboration is the key to securing its continued future. It’s an exciting time in business messaging as mobile users’ habits and preferences have shifted squarely to chat apps.

However, A2P SMS remains an established communication channel and its role in customer engagement, user authentication and transactional messaging such as alerts and notifications is virtually unrivalled.

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MEF Members at Messaging & SMS World: DIMOCO Messaging

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MEFTV speaks to Mathias Höllerl MD at MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme participant DIMOCO Messaging during the recent Messaging & SMS World in London where he discussed the future of A2P SMS and how he sees the space evolve in the near future.

“We’ve seen the market consolidating so the pressure on that is getting bigger and bigger, but if you find a niche in some special industries or markets, there is huge potential in existing territories – SMS is still a key driver.. for sure its a commodity. “

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MEF Members at Messaging & SMS World: Ubiquity

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MEFTV spoke with Daniele Mensi, CEO & VP Growth of MEF Member and Future of Messaging Programme participant Ubiquity, during the recent Messaging & SMS World in London.

Here he outlines how A2P SMS is moving from a customer to user-centric vision, and discusses how players like Ubiquity should drive change for enterprises and SMEs to be confident in being more multi-channel driven, as consumer demand will continue to grow in the coming years.

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