Member Interview – Neomobile

By | Featured Post, MEFTV

MEFTV speaks to Flavio Pallotti, EVP Digital Entertainment at Neomobile during MWC 2018, where he explains the company’s move to an all encompassing digital group, Digital GO.

“Neomobile in the last couple of years has been moving its core business from a pure mobile content and monetisation player to a full digital group. This is something we have seen here at MWC: there has been lots of focus on artificial intelligence, providing chat bots for customer support …

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Member Interview – Calldorado


MEFTV speaks to Mathias Schroder, COO & Co founder of Calldorado during MWC 2018, where he explains how their business has grown and how they are helping their clients do the same.

“We recently announced the Calldorado App Growth Fund – worth 12 million dollars, which on selected apps or publishers – we help them grow, get more downloads, get more users if they utilise our monetisation model.”

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The race to automate customer experiences across rich media messaging channels

By | Featured Post, MEFTV, Messaging, MWC18

Alex Klose, VP of Marketing at IMImobile, looks at the opportunity for enterprises to differentiate customer experience by combining new rich-media messaging channels such as RCS (Rich Communication Services) with customer journey automation platforms.

There is no doubt that consumers have a huge desire for messaging-based experiences. In fact, 66% of consumers prefer to reach brands, or be reached by brands through messaging apps, and two-thirds expect to increase their engagement with businesses via messaging channels over the next two years.

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Hungama’s Neeraj Roy on building a ‘Netflix for south Asians’

By | Featured Post, MEFTV, MWC18

India’s Hungama Mobile dominates digital entertainment for the world’s south Asia population. It reaches 40 million people in 50 countries. In an exclusive video, Hungama’s CEO Neeraj Roy describes the journey and the future…

In the early years of the 21st century, there was a mobile entertainment revolution. A group of pioneering companies realised phones could do far more than deliver talk and text. The market for ringtones, wallpapers, alerts and screensavers was born.

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Member interview – Trunomi


MEFTV met Chia Brewin, Director of Customer development at Trunomi during MWC 2018, who spoke about unlocking the power of customer data using consent and data rights management.

“It’s been a long journey with GDPR in terms of awareness and preparedness.. then suddenly January 1, businesses took it very seriously and are looking to implement solutions – and that’s also driven by the consumer, there has been a lot of media hype around GDPR and the new rights that it gives the individual and we’ve seen evidence that individuals will be looking to exercise those rights and make subject access requests and hold companies that are processing their data to a higher standard and ultimately take back the ownership that is theirs. ”

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Member interview – Vas2Nets


MEFTV talks to Teni Stuffman, Business Development Director for VAS2Nets during MWC 2018, where she shares some background to the company, insights into doing business in Africa and outlines some of their key projects and initiatives.

“Africa is very unique in its own way, we are very tech compliant – any new thing goes viral easily and it just shows that consumers are in support of development, especially when it comes to mobile. There is this thirst for development, for more, so you are challenged every day to bring something of value. As technology’s growing consumers are growing with it in our region and they want change.”

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Member Interview : zeotap


MEFTV speaks to Florian Lichtwald, SVP Global Telecom & Data Partnerships at zeotap during MWC 2018 who discusses the background to their business and shares in depth insights into how companies can maximise the reach of their data while ensuring security and privacy standards are maintained.

“The digital advertising industry is very dependent on high-quality data since targeting is the only option to narrow down your impressions to the right users in a cost-efficient way.

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Member interview – Infinite Convergence on safe messaging at work

By | Featured Post, MEFTV, MWC18

People have always gossiped about work. The difference now is that many of those conversations take place on mobile messaging apps – where they can be stolen or leaked. It’s a major headache. But it can be solved, says Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence. He talked the MEF Minute…

In the last few years, ‘bring your own device’ has become a big thing. Employees like having the freedom to do their work with hardware products they feel comfortable with.

But in reality ‘bring your own device’ often also means ‘bring your own software’. And that can be a real problem for employers. Especially when it comes to communications software such as mobile messaging apps.

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Member interview – Syntonic

By | Featured Post, MEFTV, MWC18

MEFTV speaks to Gary Greenbaum CEO & co-founder, and Rahul Agarwal, CTO & co-founder during MWC 2018, where they explain the background of Syntonic and how their business and the ecosystem is evolving for MNO’s and content service providers.

Greenbaum, referring to the Syntonic & MEF panel held earlier that day said “Last year I discussed the urgency and necessity for the carriers to transform themselves from network operators to content service providers to avoid this death spiral to zero selling commoditised voice, data, and text. And what’s happened this past year has been an explosion of exploration by all major carriers around the globe, toe dipping into the space and trying to make this transition.”

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