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Enterprise Communications

What has been the most impactful Omnichannel enterprise comms campaign this year?

Comviva and Orange Morocco join forces to offer Ngage, a comprehensive enterprise engagement platform

Problem statement:
Orange Morocco, headquartered in Casablanca is one of the leading telecom operators in Morocco having more than 15+ million subscribers. Orange needed a messaging platform for contextual and effective ‘communication for enterprises and handle the message delivery directly to different operators. Sending A2P traffic from one operator’s SMSC to another operator’s SMSC was not being allowed legally. Billing/reconciliation and charging of messages delivered was another concern where a robust solution was required. There was high message delivery failures as current platform could not segregate traffic from different networks.

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To cater to Orange’s need, Comviva’s Mobile Engagement Platform – Ngage was deployed. Ngage is a proven solution, handling close to 80+ billion messages in a year. It enables operators to manage services, updates and communication across various channels and handle varied forms of messages from multiple enterprises and partners with easy to use APIs. It provides a single window for management, ensuring reduced TCO to enhance the revenues for the operator. Ngage integrated with INWI SMSC and Maroc Telecom SMSC seamlessly to delivery messages to respective network directly.

Impact and highlights:

  • 300+ enterprises on boarded on the platform for various use cases like brand promotion and offers for customer acquisition and loyalty, transaction messages, OTPs, etc.
  • Reduction in failure rate as Ngage identifies absent subscribers and memory full handsets beforehand
  • More than 7 million messages delivered every month with an accuracy of 99.9+ %
  • Savings on network and capacity expansions at SMSC for host operator
  • Higher success in delivery rates results in enterprise stickiness

Dotgo & MTN created GBM chatbot for easy NIN linking

MTN Nigeria, under the directive of the government, was responsible to link the National Identification Number (NIN) for its subscribers. Being done for the first time, the subscribers had a lot of queries with respect to the registration and linking process. Along with traditional efforts, MTN wanted to try something innovative to address the same.
MTN partnered with Dotgo to create a Google Business Messages chatbot. Accessible via Google search Ads, the bot enabled users – actively searching NIN-related queries, get information on NIN and complete the linking in a conversational manner. The chat ad attracted 5.4% CTR and saw over 100,000 engagements. 81% of users who attempted successfully linked their NIN. Over 90% of users interacted with the bot to learn about NIN and avail NIN related services. And over 75% of users had healthy conversations and exchanged 4 or more messages with the bot.

Omni Channel Enterprise Communications

EYWAMEDIA is a multi-award-winning futuristic and independent leader in "Customer Journey Experience" technology that enables brands to engage their most potential-loyal customers based on offline-online data to make the best match between products and their preferences.

We are headquartered in Singapore with a global presence across the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and China

GreenAds has been one of the pioneers in providing RCS service to Brands and have onboarded almost 150+ brands in the short time span of 5 months.


NetSfere is a secure enterprise messaging service and platform from Infinite Convergence Solutions, Inc., NetSfere provides industry-leading security and message delivery capabilities, including global cloud-based service availability, device-to-device encryption, location-based features and administrative controls. The service is also offered in partnership with Deutsche Telekom GmbH, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies, and with NTT Ltd., a global information communications & technology service provider, to jointly offer NetSfere to its worldwide customers. The service leverages Infinite Convergence’s experience in delivering mobility solutions to tier 1 mobile operators globally and technology that supports more than 500 million subscribers and over a trillion messages on an annual basis. NetSfere is also compliant with global regulatory requirements, including GDPR, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 27001 and others. Infinite Convergence Solutions has offices in the United States, Germany, India and Singapore.

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Customer Impact:

This case study addresses the challenges faced by VCK and how they got benefited by implementing NetSfere to save critical time for emergency responses  “an average of 45 minutes per response” which can be the difference between life and death.

Customer Impact:
St. Augustinus hospitals, a leading German healthcare group introduced NetSfere for secure and compliant communication to halt the use of unsecure consumer-grade messaging apps. After rolling out NetSfere’s mobile messaging platform, the hospital group quickly reported achieving better productivity and collaboration between teams and within the entire group of 5,600 colleagues. The hospital group is using this NetSfere broadcast feature to keep employees up to date on information related to the pandemic through its Corona Ticker NetSfere Lifeline channel.

Infobip touts itself as the world’s most connected cloud communications platform. 650 mobile operator connections and all the major chat apps as part of the platform testify to this. Combined with industry-leading engagement management tools, APIs and support, Infobip provides enterprises of all sizes and from over 30 industry vertical with robust, reliable and flexible customer communication.

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Infobip has also been working with MNOs worldwide to partner on cloud communication solutions, where MNOs get access to Infobip platform, tools and channels, and provide them to enterprises under their own brand, while sales are a joint effort of the two partners. This allows MNOs to expand their enterprise portfolio without major investment and further position themselves as digital transformation enablers. Telcos have also become an important client vertical for customer communication solutions, illustrating their willingness to adopt new technologies and themselves embrace digital transformation to the benefit of their subscribers and prepaid users. An excellent case study of the latter solution is Telekom Deutschland, where Infobip enabled them to harness their native RCS channel for a Spotify promotion (more info).

In 2021, Infobip has added several new channels to its portfolio. MMS has been added through the acquisition of OpenMarket, further expanding Infobip’s presence in the US. Apple Messages for Business is a new channel currently in early access phase for Infobip customers. Google Business Messages is also new, allowing for customer interaction directly from Google search results. Web push notifications, similar to app push notifications, allow better engagement with people browsing e.g. a shopping website. All this can be combined with other channels, from SMS, voice and RCS, to chat apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Telegram, Meta’s Instagram and FB Messenger, email etc. Infobip has also recently been HIPAA certified, meaning it is now able to provide secure messaging services to the healthcare industry in the US, further adding to the capability to support digital transformation in an increasingly important industry vertical.

In 2021, the Infobip platform has processed over 300 billion customer interaction of which 50% have been charged to clients. Compared to 2020, that’s a 53% growth for the former and 62% growth for the latter. Interactions refer to any client interaction with the platform (message, session, API call etc.), and the charged interactions figure is the more relevant here. This figure does include OpenMarket traffic post-acquisition and post-platform merge, but given the difference in size of companies, the growth represents primarily Infobip organic growth with a minor contribution by OpenMarket in absolute numbers, although OpenMarket has had a significant impact in regional presence in North America and US in particular.

Messagenius, Secure Enterprise Messaging

Messagenius is the secure Slack-alternative: the enterprise messaging tool that makes internal comms secure, productive and integrated.


The bold spirit of Messagenius’ nomination to MEFFYS 2022 lies in:
VALUE PROPOSITION: full and exclusive data ownership to the clients (on-prem), the blue ocean that mainstream players don’t reach.
TRENDS: secure enterprise messaging is the next big thing.
FOR THE MARKET: re-building trust in instant messaging after 2021 (JPMorgan’s $200M fine from SEC; WhatsApp’s security scandals by ProPublica and Property of the People).

Open Fiber & TIM – at Mobile World Congress, GSMA has named Messagenius among the top scale-ups of the “GSMA 100”.

Workport Inc, a leading recruitment consulting firm in Japan, is one of the customers who is already benefiting from SMS Services from PaaSoo. Considering SMS as a reliable and cost-effective solution for critical communications, once a candidate has been recommended to a customer, Workport will send timely updates and notifications via text messages at all stages of the recruitment process. Workport believes this solution contributes significantly to shortening the interview process. PaaSoo brings forth the underlying technology and direct telecom connections, while INST delivers customised professional services and technical support, making it easy for the customer to deploy these services.

WhatsApp chatbot for customer support

Panasonic is a diversified technology company that provides solutions to create a better life for consumers in living spaces and a better world for enterprise and communities. It is a worldwide leader in the development of home appliances, industrial devices, automotive, lifestyle and connected solutions.

With over 100-years of legacy, Panasonic is committed to contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.

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Roping in customers using digital channels

Panasonic, among the leading Consumer Durables and Electronics company, receives plenty of Service queries for Installations/ Repairs on day-to-day basis. And these queries increase manifold during the peak season, creating a bandwidth issue at call centres and resulting in significant waiting time for consumers. Over the years, what they found is that many of the queries were generic in nature and could be addressed through an automated system. The handling process had been well defined through experience starting from an agent taking the basic customer details for booking service request and putting the details in the CRM Systems to raise a ticket. So, Panasonic was looking for a Digital Channel with mass reach, to automate this process to take some load off their Call Centre Team.

In addition, their Marketing team was also looking to add a Digital Communication channel for their consumers covering basis pre-purchase requirements like product catalogues, deals, discounts among other things to assist consumers before they enter a retail outlet.

Integrating WhatsApp to enable 2-way communication between brand and the user

Panasonic explored various options and zeroed in on the one that ensured maximum reach without introducing friction. Something which most customers already have on their mobile device – WhatsApp.

They deployed a chatbot (based on Natural Language algorithms) on WhatsApp which integrated with their backend systems that could provide the right product information, book service requests (Installation/ Repair), locate a nearby store, and take customer feedback. For instance, a customer could easily start a chat with Panasonic to book a Service Request without any intervention from any manual team member. And they have also included a full menu of “Self Help Self Care”, which consumers could use to self-identify an issue and rectify it, if possible, even before raising a ticket in the system. The Service enabled an entire basket of top notch features including ticket Status, Cost of service, NPS. Brand went further to enhance customer experience by sending regular ticket update on as a push message to its customer migrating enhancing from SMS based.

After testing and deploying the chatbot to a segment of customers, the team focused on increasing awareness of Panasonic’s WhatsApp number and its benefits to customers. They used a variety of ways including:
1. Displaying the Panasonic WhatsApp number on their website.
2. Include the WhatsApp number and QR code on all product collaterals and Point of Sales Materials.
3. All brand social media handles display and regularly promote the Panasonic WhatsApp channel.
4. Ensure the outlet representatives apprise customers about connecting with Panasonic via WhatsApp.

All this led to higher customer engagement with Panasonic on WhatsApp. This was further followed by a growth in the number of users engaged, opt-ins and conversions.

“At Panasonic, we are pioneering the use of new technologies for user engagement which are industry-first. Our focus has always been on keeping the customer at the centre and delivering a better customer experience across all touchpoints. So far, we have seen good traction with WhatsApp and expect it to grow even further.”
Ajay Seth, Director Service Operations at Panasonic India

Panasonic accelerates addressing the customer inquiries

The biggest advantage for Panasonic is the speed at which the customer queries about the product and services are now getting addressed. Moreover, within a few quarters of going live with the WhatsApp solution, they have seen an increased adoption of the channel in rural areas. The customers in these regions find it easier to use WhatsApp over other digital channels, and moreover this channel is available 24×7 for customer’s queries. Another advantage of WhatsApp is that consumer data from this channel is authentic, as compared to any other channel, as its directly coming from customers.

On the customer engagement front, the brand registered an improved customer satisfaction score, faster resolution times, and happier customers!

KONTXT Voice from RealNetworks
Wondering if that unknown or suspected scam call is legit or not? Let KONTXT Voice from RealNetworks answer the call and let you know if the caller is human, robot, legitimate or spam. View what the caller is saying in real-time with the touch of a button.

Using advanced AI and machine learning technology, KONTXT Voice goes beyond phone number block lists and suspected spam/scam warnings to screen calls, block unwanted calls, stop robocalls and provide a real-time evaluation of who is calling and why.

Let KONTXT Voice answer suspicious and unknown calls while playing your custom greeting to ask the purpose of the call. View real-time conversation transcripts and automatically accept or reject calls.

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KONTXT Voice Call Screening, Spam and Robocall Blocker features:

– Advanced call analysis and voice recognition technology analyzes human vs. machine and notifies you when it detects a potential scammer on the line.
– Automatically accept or decline the call based on our KONTXT Voice call screening analysis.
– Need an extra layer of screening/spam protection? KONTXT Voice has a built-in voice captcha feature that asks the caller to enter a series of random digits in order to connect the call.
– Block unknown callers and stop robocalls for good


– Create a custom greeting and personalized message to play when accepting or declining a call.


– KONTXT Voice asks callers to identify themselves before the call is connected.
– Never let a scammer or telemarketer waste your time! You’ll instantly know if it’s a robo call and our live transcription tells you right away if you should pick up the call.
– Screened calls are recorded, transcribed and saved. Never miss an important call or an important robocall. (example: appointment reminders, school alerts, etc.)
– Push notifications to alert every call that has passed or failed screening process
– Reclassify callers to allow or block accordingly.


KONTXT for VOICE is an AI-backed service that actively blocks fraudulent calls:
– KONTXT for VOICE is deployable for carrier operators as well as for Enterprise VoIP via KONTXT cloud API.
– KONTXT data science has curated a large library of fraudulent caller data including robocalls and human voice spam.
– These samples are used to train our proprietary AI model to predict whether an inbound call is spam or not spam.
– The system continues to learn and adapt based on feedback from users as well as our anti-fraud experts that research latest trends in voice scam ploys.

– Our priority is to protect you from spammers and bad robocalls while protecting your privacy at every step.
– We will never sell your data or spam you.

Conversation API

Sinch’s Conversation API allows brands to optimize omnichannel conversational messaging. Offering 100 percent reach with a single API gateway for the most popular messaging channels, brands can send messages to customers in their preferred channel via one platform.

A French fashion brand wanted to enhance their customer service on Instagram. With over 1 million followers, customers would send direct messages through Instagram and get an automated response to contact customer service. Using Conversation API, they were able to manage and respond to all Instagram messages in one place, enabling live agents to seamlessly handle large messaging volumes. They will use this solution in other channels to ensure a positive, smooth user experience.

Wisely is a patented Communication Platform as a Service, (CPaaS) offering a digital marketplace for enterprises and suppliers, with a global edge-to-edge network delivering private, secure and trusted experiences. The platform provides a private, permissioned blockchain consortium to the key stakeholders with clear visibility and ownership of all transactions passing through network. The core philosophy of wisely platform is to provide ease of "Connectivity" Flexible business model" Trust & Transparency" for all stake holders


Launched in 2019 in MWC, Trubloq is one of the Largest blockchain platform in the world in-terms of scale, transactions, and capacity. Protecting billion+ mobile subscribers from unsolicited commercial communication including spam & fraud. Trubloq enforces regulatory requirements by empowering customers and enabling enterprises and regulators in curbing the menace of spam calls and messages. Customers can own, control, and manage commercial communication directed to them, safeguarding themselves from fraudulent SMS and calls. We have onboarded more than 40,000 enterprises and the platform currently processes around 63% of A2P traffic in India, topping more than 1 billion interactions in a single day recently.

Telefónica Global Solutions (TGS) Travel Insurance aims to offer a service of travel insurance (Travel, luggage and COVID) to B2C subscribers on international roaming. The solution allows our partner operators to achieve better communications with their subscribers when they are abroad by offering them a personalized travel insurance policy according to their needs. In other words, this Travel Insurance use case makes it possible to monetize Enterprise Services under a managed service architecture -TGS Business Connect (BC) Platform.

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This innovative use case makes it possible to generate new revenues in a business association with the MNO and a determined Insurance Company, enabling the MNOs to resell B2B services as well as increase their customer engagement.

When a B2C roamer arrives in a visited country, our BC platform detects the MSISDN in real time through our TGS international signalling probes (3G/4G) and based on our integrations with the CRMs of the partner Operator, we are able to extract a complete profile of the user (name, gender, age, address, etc.). Besides this, our integration with the Insurance Company’s systems allows us to create a quotation based on information collected about the user. Therefore, a SMS will be sent to the user, informing them about the possibility to purchase this personalized travel insurance offer. This SMS also includes a URL which redirects to the Web Portal, where the user interacts to complete the necessary information to contract the travel insurance package. This product may be purchased by credit card or via carrier billing.

Let’s get in depth into the customer lifecycle to better understand how Travel Insurance works:

Main Players

  • Telefonica Global Solutions (TGS) through the Business Connect Platform: a Telefónica managed service solution for the monetization of mobile data, making it possible to handle roaming events.
  • MNO
  • Insurance company: Main provider of the insurance service.

Detection and Activation (triggered by Roaming Event)

1. Customer travels abroad and mobile phone registers to the international roaming network.
2. Telefónica sends signalling information about the roaming event to the Business Connect
3. Business Connect Platform detects that the customer who has just registered to international
mobile network has subscribed to travel insurance service.
4. The platform indexes in a database the MSISDN and the visited network (VPMN) of the customer.

Creation of the personalized offer

5. Based on the MSISDN and VPMN, the platform permits interaction with the CRM of the MNO in
order to extract the user profile (name, gender, age, etc.) in real time.
6. Business Connect Platform notifies the Insurance Company that a particular customer travels
internationally and therefore sends to the insurance company the user profile information in order
to request a personalized quotation.
7. The Insurance company replies with a personalized offer based on the information collected.

Personalized offer presentation

8. The offer is immediately sent to the user by SMS (the platform allows the use of different channels
(RCS, USSD and OTTs).
9. The SMS contains a link to a captive portal, allowing the user to acquire the insurance (all the
personal fields of the user would automatically be populated in the web form by the platform).

Service Payments

10. When the user decides to advance on the process and acquires the insurance, the systems
offers 2 possibilities: payment by credit card or by carrier billing (the solution has integration with
the billing systems of the MNO).
11. After the payment, the user will receive the insurance policy document by email (in the case of
using RCS, the document will be sent using this same channel).
12. Insurance service informs the customer about activated travel insurance.

Service lifecycle management

13. The solution provides a set of databases and logic to manage the lifecycle of the insurance
product (live, cancelation and expiration) and a log of all the activity of the different users.
14. The solution also provides a reporting tool (in real time) with the relevant business metrics
(insurance SMS sent per geography, acquisitions, etc.)

In summary, the solution enables the customer to sign-up and manage the insurance via their mobile phone without any need for paperwork and waiting times.

telXira Enterprise Platform

telXira’s Enterprise platform provides an intuitive & user-friendly way to deliver, manage, optimise & grow business messaging in any enterprise. Use cases – marketing campaigns, transactional SMS, two-way messaging.

-User-Friendly Omni-Channel Messaging – Messaging is simple via the easy-to-use web interface, email, or APIs for tech-savvy enterprises.

-Simple to Deploy – The platform has both cloud-based & on-premises capabilities.

-Visibility & Transparency – Easily manage & control your campaign, traffic & costs.

-Customisable Platform – Tailor the solution to specific business needs.

-End-to-End Support – telXira’s expert team collaborate with you from start to finish.

-Optimisation – Regular updates according to customer feedback & requests.

Grow, a dedicated mobile marketing platform developed by Upstream, is seeking to revolutionize how businesses approach mobile marketing. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows advertisers, brands and agencies to build their own campaigns from scratch, leveraging every mobile network and digital channel available, all through one user-friendly interface. Marketing flows can be automated, data can be thoroughly analyzed, and customers can be accurately targeted based on a range of dynamic criteria.

Grow helps businesses amass a valuable pool of first-party data thanks to the ability to dynamically tailor campaigns in real-time and offer highly targeted sign-up opportunities. With that first-party data, businesses can go on to increase their cut-through and marketing efficiency, often resulting in 2x the engagement rates and 3x the conversion rates of more traditional campaigns. What’s more, there is no need for upfront investments as through this platform clients only pay for actual results


1. Product Introduction
In the recent years, mobile message and call spam is a side effect for ordinary mobile phone users that seriously troubles their daily life. As a result of the survey that Viettel Group has conducted, 14.179.748 Vietnamese mobile users were disturbed by 39.597.469 spam calls, 194,254,494 SMS messages spam has been blocked in 2021.
Antispam is a system based on big data, machine learning platform to protect users from spammers. Antispam protect customer from annoying and phishing calls and SMS messages. Besides, network operator is able to improve customer‘s satisfaction, increase broadcast services revenues.
Based on 3 below function groups, Viettel Customer service center is able to control spammer behavior:
– Real-time module handles SMS message or call signals in telecommunication infrastructure. On peak time, Antispam sms processes more than 10.000 messages per second and filter spam SMS in less than 1s. Antispam call receives more than 20.000 call signals per second. Machine learning module makes decision on warning, filtering or verification.

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– Data mining platform handles more than 120 TeraBytes of mobile historical data to improve User profile with more than 1000 featues that is necessary to filter spam messages or calls.
– Management module provides interface that consists statistic data, configuration, data label

2. Campaign plan
– On 2019: Deploy Antispam SMS System that filters spam, fraud sms message in Viet Nam.
– On 2020: Deploy Antispam Call that block unwanted calls. And Deploy Antispam system in Cambodia and Tanzania
– On 2021: Upgrade to manage Brandname Voice and SMS messages. That help advertising service is suitable and gain customer satisfaction.
+ Upgrading Artificial Inteligent model to verify spam subcribers.
+ Expand Antispam system in Peru and Myanmar market

3. Achievement in 2021
– Providing comprehensive solutions to protect more than 100 million customers in 5 countries from spam calls and messages
– Some feedbacks from our customers:
Missing filter rate: < 2% (10% in 2020)
Wrong filter rate: < 1% (1.5 % in 2020)
90.1% customers have not felt annoyed (compare with 85% in 2020)
– 194,254,494 SMS messages spam has been blocked(154,905,215 in 2020)
– 1,789,479 numbers are listed as spammers (323,044 in 2020). 84,702 numbers are blocked (55, 023 in 2020)

4. Outstanding Innovation (compare with other service provider)
– Providing comprehensive solutions to protect users from spam calls and messages. Protecting over 100 million users in 5 countries.
– Big data and machine learning platform allows to process real-time 10.000 messages per second, 120 TB of stored data. It is effective to make decisions on blocking calls or messages automatically in less than 1 second. The platform has been designed for massive scalability.
– Upgrading telecommunications infrastructure to handle real-time call and message signals including with SMSC(Short Message Service Center) and OCS(Online Charging System).
– According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, Viettel is the number one operator in protecting users from spam messages and calls in 2021.

5. Future Works
– Intergrate voice recognition technique to manage real-time spam call
– Implement an virtual assistant mobile application that protect customer device from spam, scam messages and voice
– Upgrade system to filter USSD, MMS messages.
– Our system is going to be launched to other markets of Viettel in foreign countries such as Burundi, Mozambique, Haiti, Laos … Reach number of 120 million protected subscribers. Besides, Antispam is ready to introduce to other international telecomunication service providers.


Enterprise Communications

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Personal Data & Identity

What has been the best innovation in the area of Authentication in the past 12 months?

Enterprise Communications

What has been the most impactful Omnichannel enterprise comms campaign this year?

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What has been the most innovative content or advertising service for mobile users in 2021?

Global Connectivity

What has been the most innovative solution for connectivity or global roaming this year?

Mobile IoT

What has been the most impactful use case of an IoT solution across 2021?


What has been the most innovative Mobile Payment service showcasing usability and security?

Special Award: Personal Contribution to Sustainability

Who has been a champion for the Mobile Ecosystem’s Sustainability?

The MEFFYS 2022 @ MWC Barcelona

The 17th Annual MEFFYS Awards will be at MWC in Barcelona with the winners of 7 categories announced LIVE on the night. Glitz, glamour, press red carpet, entertainment plus lots more – it is time to take the pulse of the latest new ideas and trends.

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