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Personal Data & Identity

What has been the best innovation in the area of Authentication in the past 12 months?

Infobip Mobile Security

Mobile Identity, while still an emerging authentication method, is gaining traction as mobile operators as well as enterprises warm to the idea of a frictionless, highly secure and convenient identity verification solution. For MNOs, being perfectly positioned to help secure the relationship between consumer and enterprise with their vast data sets on mobile users, this is an opportunity to position themselves as the key digital identity providers in a world that has gone irreversibly digital not just because of the pandemic. For enterprises, with telcos being heavily regulated and possessing unique user data, not only is this solution perfect for always-on consumers, it also provides a superior user experience with all the activity happening as a background process with no need for pesky PIN entries or similar processes that users find annoying.

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Applicable across numerous industries and use cases, MI is essential for curbing increasing occurences of mobile and digital fraud, especially as financial transactions and shopping go digital and online.

Over 1 billion mobile users worldwide are covered by Infobip Mobile Identity.

Infobip has two models for mobile operators, one that relies on MNO-developed APIs to expose their data sets, and the other with a proprietary identity gateway, iGate that connects directly to MNOs. One of the major advantages with Infobip is its global customer communication platform, which means that MI services can be bundled with other channels, from SMS to email, voice and chat apps, for a complete customer engagement and multiple strategies and use cases. Infobip is currently prioritising development of biometric solutions to complement Mobile Identity. This will provide a full digital identity solution that aims primarily the financial sector and addresses on one hand fraud prevention and detection, and on the other provides fintechs and banks with a tool to smoothly onboard unbanked and underbanked users. While bank accounts and access to financial services is not ubiquitous, mobile devices – smartphones as well as legacy feature phones – are, making them the connection between users and financial institutions. Biometric features Infobip is developing and currently testing include facial recognition, voice recognition and document scanning, all of which will be combined with existing MI solutions and coverage for a complete fraud prevention and digital identity system.

Infobip’s Mobile Identity solutions are compliant with GSMA Mobile Connect, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, and Infobip as a company holds ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates.

With its current Mobile Identity portfolio, Infobip is working on several use cases for the financial industry, most notably SIM swap checks for account takeover protection, and is currently onboarding or has in testing phases 10 major financial institutions from around the globe, in Europe, LATAM and India. Additionally, an MNO-oriented solution for biometrics-supported SIM registration is also being developed to provide even more security and anti-fraud features. The idea behind this is also to inspire MNOs to develop more use cases around their own technology.

Benefit Vantage Limited

IPification is building the backbone of mobile authentication of today and tomorrow. By verifying the device, SIM & phone number via IP address, our patented technology is enabling mobile user authentication, phone verification, and fraud prevention solutions. Readily available across numerous countries and regions, IPification is trusted by some of the leading technology, payment, and OTT companies including ABA Bank, GBG, T-Mobile Montenegro, 3HongKong, Axiata Digital, Swisscom, Indosat Ooredoo.
As part of BVL, the leader in Asia for providing security and data backup solutions (HQ in Hong Kong), IPification has offices and representatives operating in the U.S., U.K., Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Bosnia, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Pakistan.

Digital Customer Onboarding with Legal KYC

Nettzer’s new Digital Onboarding technology enables Mobile Operators and Enterprises to Onboard Customers using just their Mobile Phone. Nettzer combines Facial Scanning and the latest in Cloud based Machine Learning so that we can check that the Customer is who they say they are. This meets Regulatory Requirements for Mobile Operators to Know Your Customer (KYC). The business advantage to Operators is that this is "Anytime / Anywhere" Onboarding and Customers can, as an example, Onboard in their own home, late at night in response to an Operator TV or Internet Offer that the respond to.

As robocalls and fraud continue to grow globally, people hesitate to pick up the phone. Branded Call Display (BCD) lets enterprises add their name, location, logos, e-business cards, social media links, and more to the mobile display. In addition, calls are authenticated with FCC-mandated STIR/SHAKEN. So consumers have the information and trust they need to answer calls.


  • Increases incremental income by 28 to 32 percent
  • Increases answer rates by up to 200 percent
  • Helps enterprises protect and promote their brand
  • Fosters innovation through open APIs

Neustar collaborates with organizations and regulatory bodies across the globe to help promote call authentication standards that benefit all countries, enterprises, and consumers. We provide STIR/SHAKEN solutions to over 100 carriers, authenticating over 30 billion domestic and international calls monthly.

Prove Pre-Fill™

Prove is the modern way for businesses to enable their customers to prove their identities with just a phone. We offer phone-centric solutions that enable our customers to acquire new consumers and engage with their existing consumers by removing friction while bolstering security and enhancing consumer privacy and consumer choice. Our solutions are used by more than 1,000 businesses across diversified industries, including banks, financial services, healthcare, insurance, and e-commerce.

Prove Pre-Fill allows a business to expedite account opening and registrations by pre-populating a form with identity information tied to a phone number, while also helping thwart bad actors.

Digital trust is key for businesses. SIM-based verification remains the most popular and universal method for user authentication. Sinch Verification, built on Sinch™ sturdy enterprise-grade platform, trusted carrier integration and telco experience, keeps mobile identity and user authentication at the forefront. It combines multiple innovative techniques like Flash Call and Mobile Data Verification, enabling cost reductions, improved security and extended global reach.

Sinch delivers billions of authentication transactions to many of the world’s largest consumer brands. Sinch partnered with EasyPark Group to provide SMS Verification. Since launch, EasyPark Group conversion rates increased by 7 percent compared to their previous provider.

10DLC Registry

Data and Identity Innovation by The Campaign Registry

In 2021 The Campaign Registry successfully launched an innovative 10 digit long code registry in the United States. This included participation from MNOs representing 99% of the mobile users and engagement by close to 600 Campaign Service Providers representing all major CPaaS companies delivering messaging traffic to end consumers in the US.

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Capturing and validating the ‘Who’ and tying that to the ‘What’

These CSPs registered their brands via TCR and third party vetting organizations allowing for clear verification of ‘who’ was involved in sending 10DLC messages. The CSPs then used their verified brands to register their messaging programs allowing for clear tracking of  what these brands intended to send.

Combining a selected Number with the who and what to form a registered Campaign

The combination of number + who + what resulted in a registered campaign. In 2021, this process changed the 10DLC traffic landscape to a sanctioned, controlled and successful communication channel. By the end of 2021, many hundreds of thousands of campaigns were registered and active in the MNO ecosystem allowing for CSP service reliability facilitated by their engagement and transparency. TCR estimates that the 2021 year end volume of registered 10DLC traffic was roughly 4-5 billion messages a month.

In conjunction with the basic registration process, TCR provided participants with tools for supporting their activity and enabling communication with each other. CSPs get clear feedback on how their traffic will be managed for each campaign and MNOs get clear information about who sent each message and what they claimed to be sending. The entire ecosystem chain can communicate with each other and problem solve via TCR infrastructure being rolled out in 2022. Dedicated service portals for MNOs and CSPs and protected campaign data feeds incorporated into MNO infrastructure support this transition from reactive to proactive MNO management of 10DLC messaging. In summary, the TCR roll out in the United States resulted in a dramatic improvement and innovation in the 10DLC space in communication, quality, predictability, and wanted messaging traffic.

Our anti-fraud solution, called VOX 360, offers MNOs a simple and powerful approach to stop both voice and messaging fraud over a single platform. Using this single platform, which is unique in our industry, MNOs are able to identify, predict and mitigate fraud in challenging markets, such as voice, where margins are critical. Our platform also tackles the rapidly growing problem of fraud in the A2P space, removing the need for multiple anti-fraud solutions.

Apart from addressing A2P SMS traffic, our platform also allows MNOs to identify and monetize Flash Calls (A2P Voice). To this end, our product has won the “Best-Antifraud Innovation” prize at the Global Carrier Awards in 2021 and, to our best knowledge, we are the only company with an A2P Voice product already in MNO implementation phase, within the entire industry.

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Our anti-fraud and monetisation solution also creates a global database that recognizes patterns across service categories, significantly increasing the ability to identify fraudulent activity. It captures data from both Voice and SMS to identify fraud patterns to better mitigate fraud for local, regional, Tier-1 Carriers and MNOs. At its base, our solution is based on AI algorithms, specialized metadata mining techniques, intelligent automation tools and an adaptive analytics engine.

VOX360 brings a new level of intelligence to the fight against fraud while supporting the growth and the monetisation of A2P messaging and voice. In the A2P messaging space, fraud can account for as much as 90% of revenue, which can cripple a MNOs’ profitability. This translates to potential revenue losses of average 33% for the industry.

Investing around USD 9 mn in Antifraud R&D, so far, when working with MNOs, our product has been able to identify and mitigate more than 99% of fraud instances across both Voice and SMS, while also to monetising the Flash Calls as a new revenue channel.

So far, 21 customers are now using our solution, for which we have managed to

  • Reducing voice and messaging fraud by 98%

  • Increasing monthly messaging revenue by between 4-17 times

  • Double their SMS traffic

Driving efficiency when validating consumer identities

Driving efficiency when validating consumer identities:
In the Know Your Customer world, a critical way of ensuring that a consumer is exactly who they say they are is by using the data a mobile operator holds on them for their phone contract.

The MNOs business customers, typically financial institutions, can query subscriber related information, held by the MNOs, via APIs as part of the process of verifying consumer identity, to ‘de-risk’ financial and e-commerce transactions.

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Our clients use XConnect’s Number Portability and HLR services to pre-validate which network a number is on before they send one of these API calls to an MNO to find out this information – ensuring they go to the right MNO and avoid paying for API calls to the wrong network.

We hold 2.3 billion portability records – and make on average 1.1million changes to them EVERY DAY, so have some of the most accurate data available on the market. We carry out nearly 2 billion queries a month to our customers and as an ISO 27001 accredited organisation, we are trusted to deliver the very highest quality, trusted data.

ZARIOT and The @ Company have partnered to innovatively provide tamper-proof end-to-end encryption of all IoT and M2M device data. This builds on the ZARIOT award-winning mobile network security by overlaying protection of the raw data. To achieve this, ZARIOT writes the @ Company encryption keys to the SIM, creating a secure root of trust. This is further enhanced by eSIM, and in future iSIM, availability on the ZARIOT network, which significantly reduces physical access to the keys. The ZARIOT @protocol solution extends beyond encrypted data, also empowering the user or device with management of data sharing, proactively and in real time, thereby enabling the retention of control and providing full security for personal data and identity.

Consent Orchestration on the Zeotap CDP

Businesses are obliged to ensure that their use of customer data is compliant with the consent requirements set out in regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. However, this is easier said than done – consent for an individual customer can be captured in multiple touchpoints and needs to be reflected accurately across a wide range of channels – at any point in time and for any use case.

The challenge for the marketer is to be able to unify consent at the same time as they unify their customer data, and to be able to act on those consent preferences at speed and scale (without requiring constant vetting from a DPO every time they launch a campaign).

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This is why Zeotap introduced Consent Orchestration into the Zeotap Customer Data Platform. In three points:

  • Zeotap’s Consent Orchestration module unifies and configures a customer’s consent and marketing preferences from all sources into a single, accurate view
  • It reflects these consent choices across channel activation, ensuring GDPR and CCPA compliance on a granular level (e.g. reflection of consented purposes)
  • It provides a set of universal consent guardrails for data usage, which allows a DPO to validate these in a “one and done”™ approach, leaving the marketer to activate at scale and speed safe in the knowledge that consent is taken care of

The impact of Zeotap’s Consent Orchestration on the data subject is to ensure that the organisations processing their data are able to accurately reflect privacy and consent choices at scale, across use cases and at any given time. This has a significant impact: given that Zeotap customers are large enterprise organisations such as Virgin Media and Heineken, data subjects affected number their millions.

As one of the few Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) based out of Europe, Zeotap has long outstripped the competition in its adherence to the strictest standards around data privacy and security. Most CDPs are created in – and for – North America, where conditions of compliance are more relaxed. As such, Zeotap’s consent offering brings something new and uniquely suited to the conditions of handling data in Europe.


Personal Data & Identity

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Personal Data & Identity

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