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What has been the most innovative Mobile Payment service showcasing usability and security?

Making the most of Mobile Payment with Carrier Billing strategies

In 2021, Digital Virgo’s goal has remained to implement powerful monetization ecosystems for telcos and merchants by addressing mobile payment in its entirety. This global approach aims to make payment accessible to everyone in the most seamless way possible, always seeking to create more value and revenue for our customers. To succeed in our mission, we offer them a range of value-added services and tools to make the most of carrier billing in a complex and evolving market. We believe we deserve this recognition for our constant effort to address our customers’ glocal (global and local) challenges and provide them with an innovative and secure mobile payment ecosystem.

Direct Carrier Billing

Our DCB-as-a-managed services platform is purpose-built to empower mobile carriers to scale their digital services revenues by onboarding OTT brands in a matter of hours without the usual capital investment and resources. This cloud-first platform enables end-to-end lifecycle management, subscription, and bad debt management and allows carriers to offer customized subscription bundles. An advanced analytics module provides industry-leading data intelligence capability to unlock direct carrier billing’s true potential as a revenue growth driver for carriers in the wake of commoditization of connectivity-driven revenues.


FraudStop is a cyber-security platform that identifies fraudulent payments in the carrier billing environment. FraudStop differentiates between genuine transactions by users and fraudulent transactions generated on users’ handsets without their knowledge or injected into the network layer. Each transaction is validated against 100s of criteria within milliseconds to identify fraud. To counter new and emerging threats, FraudStop utilises a detection engine using machine learning to continuously evolve and learn.
Today we are the leading provider of DCB cybersecurity solutions globally.

Evina’s mission to make mobile payment and advertising prosperous for all industry players through cutting-edge anti-fraud technology shouldn’t go unrecognized. Their battle against fraud starts with the protection of the end user by providing businesses with high-tech anti-fraud solutions such as DCBprotect and Eyewitness to minimize fraud on mobile with the ultimate objective of securing users transactions. Not only are the users protected, the cyberspace they navigate in automatically flourishes as companies benefit from reduced complaint rates, cleaner flows, and healthier business opportunities. It’s a win-win situation for all market players that makes for a happy and protected mobile customer.

CredBraine (Micro-Lending) Solution

FinBraine is an agile, customer-centric fintech building predictive algorithms and decision models using advanced AI and ML to power next-gen digital KYC and Lending solutions. We are powered by two service companies with huge global network and unparalleled expertise in providing new age Telecom and Fintech solutions with a turnover of USD 40+ million and 10+ million respectively.

Payment Provider

With Consumer credit topping $15 trillion in the U.S and $613 billion in India, efficient payment collection is an imminent need. 1-click-bill-pay, an AI-powered payment collection message, is a key element of Gupshup™ Conversational Commerce Solution for businesses across industries, helps them collect payments directly and securely with smart messaging. This is CPaas + Payment as a Service.

Gupshup AI fetches the consumer and payment information and auto-creates a payment message with amount pre-populated, embeds a pay link on any messaging app the consumer is on. The user receives the message and makes the payment with 1-click using a service like UPI (United Payment Interface) in India or a range of payment options that a country uses.

Payment Provider

Founded in 2011, K&C is a leading provider of carrier billing, advertising, and monetization.

Based in Beirut, K&C has presence and operations in the MENA region with future plans for further expansion in Europe, Asia, Africa and LATAM.

Over the course of 10 years and through its state-of-the-art platform, K&C was able to manage and connect clients across its markets and position itself as a VAS industry leader.

Since its establishment, K&C developed strong work relationships with operators and providers which is showcased in the loyalty and commitment in services to its valuable customers.

The world's first RCS Mobile Payments Campaigns - Oxfam and Kaleyra

In an exciting milestone for the charities sector, mGage (now Kaleyra, NYSE:KLR), in partnership with Oxfam GB, has deployed its next-generation Rich Communication Services (RCS) mobile payment solution, to encourage more donations and higher levels of engagement.

At a time when charities are struggling amidst the pandemic, this world-first campaign is supporting Oxfam with its vital work worldwide, fighting poverty and assisting victims of humanitarian crises. With positive results when compared to a standard Premium SMS send, this channel is proving to be more popular than traditional card payments, offering a unique opportunity for charities to boost revenue, whilst deepening the relationship with supporters.

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“With a simplified payment flow, a donation amount can be selected at the click of a button and added to the mobile bill, providing a truly seamless experience. This solution really is a gamechanger, especially at a time when so many charities need our support” said Nick Millward, GM Europe at Kaleyra.”RCS payments provide the ultimate convenience and an appealing experience for customers, who increasingly want organisations to contact them via mobile messaging. With more than 1.31 billion mobile payment users expected by 2023, it is a service that is soaring in popularity.”

Additionally, the services Verified Sender feature offers absolute peace of mind and builds trust between both charities and supporters. Accompanied by branding, users can be assured that a message sent to them is legitimate, protecting against fraud and the reputation of the sender.

“We are engaging with our supporters in a completely new way thanks to this innovative rich messaging channel, which allows for more choice and tailored, flexible content embedded directly into mobile messages” said Drew Hickling, Supplier Relationship Manager, at Oxfam GB.

Working with Kaleyra we have created an RCS and Mobile Billing flow that provides a simple and seamless experience for our supporters with increased levels of potential engagement.



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What has been the most innovative Mobile Payment service showcasing usability and security?

Special Award: Personal Contribution to Sustainability

Who has been a champion for the Mobile Ecosystem’s Sustainability?

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