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What has been the most innovative content or advertising service for mobile users in 2021?

InGamePlay Brand Advertising

In-game advertising is a new mobile advertising format that gained a lot of market traction in 2021 as an innovative way for mobile game publishers & developers to monetize their games and advertisers to reach new audiences compared to traditional banner ads or interruptive ad units such as interstitials.

AdInMo’s immersive InGamePlay ads are programmatically placed directly into gameplay and do not interrupt gameplay. The ads are click-free which improves player retention and drives better brand engagement. Advertisers see mobile games as an exciting digital media channel for accessing hard-to-reach audiences as well as early-entry into AR and VR metaverses.

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Proof points:

  • AdInMo’s platform helps the ad monetization ecosystem in a post-IDFA cookieless world recognising the attribution shifts made by Apple and Google
  • Mobile ad networks such as Yahoo!, InMobi, Pubmatic and Smaato have all launched with AdInMo
  • AdInMo’s adtech platform does not collect any Personal Identifiable Information taking a privacy by design approach
  • AdInMo helped it’s mobile game publishers increase their Average Revenue Per Daily Active User by 15 – 20% part of evolving hybrid monetization strategies

AWG Games - First Cloud Gaming Demo on 5G in Latam

Last August, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, we did an event with Entel Chile, Samsung, and Ericsson intending to showcase AWG Games, our cloud gaming platform, running over Entel’s brand new 5G network. This event was a massive PR event that helped us to make noise and get several leads.
Today we are the main player, with our cloud gaming platform, to all the operators in Latam and beyond.

Esports for telcos

clipfeed provides operators and advertisers with leading branded esports destinations. In the last year several mobile operators have used clipfeed esports content platform and technology for their advertising. Over twenty service providers have deployed clipfeed’s turnkey platform in many markets globally.

Bot Store

The Dotgo Bot Store is the world’s first largest and only open directory for RCS and WhatsApp chatbots. The directory enables customers to search and connect with RCS and WhatsApp bots from their favourite brands from all around the world. The Bot Store facilitates discovery and deep linking and helps brands get more traction for their bots, eventually increasing the engagement rate with consumers. The store also gives brands access to ratings and reviews for their bots from customers.

The Dotgo Bot Store is available via two channels – first via the official website: and second via the directory chatbot, an RBM agent called the Dotgo Bot Store. The RBM agent can be used from within any RCS Messaging Client – including Google Messages and Samsung Messages. The Dotgo Bot Store RBM agent has been launched in 29 countries across numerous operator networks.

PM Connect is both a pioneer and an innovator within the mobile ecosystem. The company is spearheading transformation by introducing world-leading content to the DCB market and MNOs – pairing it with powerful mobile advertising.

Often the first mover to anticipate the next growth opportunity, this strategic vision offers unparalleled value to its carrier partners.

2021 was no different – with PM Connect launching strategic partnerships in two high-growth entertainment sectors: Sports OTT and cloud gaming.

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The company’s exciting content offering is not just driving revenue through DCB subscriptions, PM Connect’s strategies have been instrumental in driving data usage and providing use cases for 5G adoption.

This game-changing content is enhanced further by the PM Connect’s digital advertising, serving as the growth engine for its brand and MNO partners – driving subscription acquisition and commercial results.

PM Connect runs highly targeted and inclusive campaigns across Google and socials, with incremental and innovative 360 marketing spend – with a bespoke approach taken on the merits of each product, territory and key target demographics.

The company’s latest launch was with the $8.5 billion (pa) National Basketball Association (NBA) for its flagship direct-to-consumer (D2C) over-the-top (OTT) product, NBA League Pass. League Pass is one of the hottest D2C sports properties in the world, which is seeing huge growth outside of the NBA’s core US market.

The partnership will expand the reach of NBA LP to over 300 million consumers in Europe and Africa across its network of over 20 carriers in seven countries – Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Spain and the UK.

The League Pass provides the most comprehensive live and on-demand access to an entire season of NBA games in high-definition with live stats, alternative audio and multiple viewing options. Subscribers gain access to League Pass’s Next-Generation game viewing enhancements, including new camera angles, multiple in-language streams, celebrity influencer commentary, in-depth analytics and statistical graphics, and social media integration.

The Sports OTT market is booming, as more consumers migrate to digital media consumption and linear TV declines. This is highlighted in PM Connect’s white paper Sports OTT: The Big Mobile Opportunity™, released in partnership with SportsPro in July 2021:

From the Source | Sports OTT: The Big Mobile Opportunity

Sports OTT will be worth $85 billion by 2024, and basketball is the fastest growing sport globally for millennials and Gen Z – with 43 million NBA fans outside of North America – many of whom use mobile as their first, and in some cases, only screen. Through its NBA League Pass partnership, PM Connect’s carrier customers are set to reap the rewards – including major groups Orange, Vodafone and MTN.

This is proven in South Africa with Vodacom – where PM Connect’s advertising is generating more than 1,000 new NBA League Pass subscribers every day, with similar success with Orange in Belgium and Bouygues in France.

The cloud gaming sector is also booming, set to be worth $5.4 billion by 2023 – part of a $159.3 billion gaming market played by 2.7 billion consumers. Through its Vortex partnership, PM Connect is ensuring its carrier partners are in the best position to capitalise on this growth surge.

You can read more on the sector’s role in driving 5G and data usage in the company’s white paper: Cloud Gaming: The Unmissable MNO Opportunity.

Gaming fans in France, Belgium, Spain and South Africa to be able to play more than 165 top tier games on their mobile phones through its partnership with RemoteMyApp’s cloud streaming platform,

Vortex features many of the biggest games on the market – including Fortnite, Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto, all enabled for a premium mobile gaming experience without the need of expensive hardware.

XR Academy

XR Academy is the school we always wish we attended. Welcome to a wide range of subjects presented in jaw-dropping immersive VR and AR, a true innovation in digital edutainment and content.

Sam Media brought together a team of educators, software developers and 3D artists to bring you astronomy, geography, life-sciences, history, arts and culture to life like we’ve never seen it before. Mars on your kitchen counter? Rembrandt in your bedroom? We’ve got you.

Compatible with any device and available to enjoy even without a headset, XR Academy makes learning fun.. For anyone.

Odience brings omnichannel mobile messaging and live events into the Metaverse!
Odience is an immersive live-streaming platform that enables content creators to send high quality live 360 video in real-time to enable engaging two-way remote participation experiences for live events. Brands can engage audiences with 5G edge-compute powered hyper-personalized experiences. By using integrated micro services for interactivity, e-commerce, and social networking, Odience delivers engagement and monetization to brands, content creators and mobile operators with a next generation immersive social event experiences with a stunning UX: live-stream shopping, concerts, sports, e-sports and more. Stream Virtually Any Event!

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More Information

  • Summit Tech is featured in STL Partners “Top 100 Edge companies to watch in 2022” as a company making waves in edge computing with exciting developments for 2022
  • Summit Tech’s Odience platform ran a pilot with a leading UK retailer, and had multiple telco engagements across the world.
  • Odience was profiled as a cutting edge use case by AWS and Verizon at 5G Edge live series and re:Invent and featured at the LA 2021 Summer Series event at the Verizon 5G Labs in LA

VMAX, customized & scalable Ad-server for large publishers

1) In early days of 4G adoption phase, Ashay sensed a market requirement for customized, 100% owned & scalable Ad-server within large Indian media houses / publishers.
2) Developed a complete in-house product & technology stack factoring futuristic feature requirements resulting in 100% Indian private mobile network operators (Jio/Airtel/Vi) + Top 2 Indian OTT players (Disney+Hotstar & Zee5) within 3 years of product launch.
3) Approx 1 Billion ad-requests / month being served through our platform by our clients
4) Currently, VMAX is being expanded in global markets & customized for D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) business proposition across segments / categories.


Content & Advertising

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What has been the most innovative content or advertising service for mobile users in 2021?

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