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Global Connectivity

What has been the most innovative solution for connectivity or global roaming this year?

Global Network resources

How CMI Global Resources Can Help Global Customers Accelerate Digital Transformation:

Aiming at diversifying ICT infrastructure, CMI has developed our global backbone resources of 70+ submarine & terrestrial cables, 180 PoPs, and 4 self-owned IDCs, with a total of 97T+ international transmission bandwidth, to help global customers accelerate digital transformation.

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CMI 3-Dimensions Digital Infrastructure:

  • Highways: 70+ terrestrial and submarine cables with a total of 97+ international bandwidth transmission
  • Stations: 180+ PoPs worldwide and 160+ leased lines from 10+ cloud providers, covering 124 major cities in 76+ countries and regions
  • Islands: 4 self-owned data centers including Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Frankfurt

We are entering our IPX Navigator in the category of most innovative solution for connectivity or global roaming.

Mobile Network Operators need to work with a variety of IPX providers for their global data roaming needs. However, in today’s high-paced environment it is difficult to keep track of the most efficient routes at any one point in time. Our new IPX Navigator does just that, offering end-to-end monitoring and analytics of IPX traffic flow in near real time.

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Developed in collaboration with BENOCS, IPX Navigator presents the data on a user-friendly, easy-to-read, customizable dashboard that can be modified, for example, to show specific departments the metrics most important to their work. Data roaming traffic flows and detailed routing information can be seen visually on one display (sankey diagram, time diagram) or in written formats (data export, looking glass). Any area can be viewed in more detail, simply by clicking on the image. This makes it possible for the MNO to ‘see’ where a more direct route could be possible.

How does it work?

IPX Navigator collects information from BGP, Flow, IGP, and SNMP protocols to gain a top-down view of the network topology and state. This allows it to map out the traffic flow-chain in up to 8 dimensions, from source to destination. With the possibility of extensive visibility, MNOs can detect traffic bottlenecks, optimizing management of their IPX commercial agreements as well as their technical connectivity to the data roaming ecosystem.

Diameter End-to-End Security Solution (DESS)

We are entering our Diameter End-to-End Security Solution (DESS) in the category of Most innovative solution for connectivity or global roaming™.

Security in roaming is of course a major issue for business as well as private users. The need to safeguard assets has become even more important as roaming use increases, especially with the expansion of IoT roaming scenarios, which enable higher business potential. While 5G SA includes end-to-end security by design, its widespread adoption will not happen overnight. Many operators will continue to rely on 4G or even 3G or 2G for years to come.

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We all know that insecure signaling networks cause the industry significant losses every year. And that Diameter does not provide for end-to-end security. That is why we at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier have been working on DESS, which is designed to be a central 4G roaming security platform. This solution is totally unique, to date, only offered by Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. With it, mobile network operators connected to our international IPX network will enjoy end-to-end Diameter security.

As the industry enters the 5G world, it is more and more important to be ready to apply upcoming, mandatory security solutions. The safeguards available with DESS are very similar to 5G security standards, thus providing an excellent opportunity to prepare for the future needs.

To ensure that the entire industry can benefit from DESS, we have been cooperating with MNO and IPX partners on a comprehensive Proof-of-Concept. At the same time, DESS is already immediately available to any existing or new MNO customers of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. The POC will test the full functionality of DESS, including the operational process (installation, operation, fault management, etc.).

DESS works through the exchange of security keys which allow messages to be encrypted and later decrypted. This means that messages can’t be opened by someone else. Without encryption, it is possible to create attacks on the signaling platform. The risks include loss of customer data, deactivation of some or all roaming services, failed connections.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only wholesaler delivering this solution. We offer DESS to our Diameter customers as an additional feature. It is an enhancement to our core services and fits perfectly into our award-winning 360° Defense portfolio.

Dotgo Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) is a cloud communication platform that helps Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) provide rich messaging experience to their subscribers and helps in increasing the adoption of RCS Business Messaging (RBM) globally.
Leveraging Dotgo’s deep expertise in RCS and it’s long partnership with Google, the Dotgo MaaP platform is integrated with the Google Jibe RCS platform and is bundled with Dotgo’s Managed services to enable an MNO to start monetizing RBM quickly. It is also integrated with other leading RCS platforms for business messaging (Mavenir, Synchronoss, and Vodafone), can work with all major RCS P2P platforms (Google, Vodafone and Mavenir). We are, therefore, enabling operators to offer a single streamlined onboarding and verification portal, hiding the fragmented processes that currently exist in many RBM markets (which is a major barrier to the RBM market as identified recently by the MEF’s RCS programme).
This solution has been selected by the Nigerian operators (MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile) and will be rolled out in other markets such as Congo (Africell).

OmniSIM is the go anywhere, do anything, be anything eSIM solution launched last year from KORE. Powered by eSIM and Multi-IMSI technology, OmniSIM provides resilient global connectivity with zero-touch provisioning, that ensures it’s always on the right network for your service needs.

Install one SIM, one time – and enjoy coverage that genuinely covers the globe with access to 600 mobile networks in 198 countries that lasts the entire device lifecycle. Our solution also comes with a self service tool, that provides technical testing to ensure your device can operate in an eSIM environment, by validating the device through using the eSIM.

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The tool reduces the complexity of device validation, enabling users to validate devices in just under 15 minutes, instead of having to ship it and wait a few weeks. Now, it’s simple and quick to validate your device with any KORE eSIM and visualise coverage through an interactive dashboard, by country, technology (2G, 3G, 4G and voice) what profiles (Basic, Preferred, Premium and Extended) are available across the globe.

Customers include: Swoop aero that use eSIM technology to power their drone fleet delivering COVID vaccines to the Shetlands and malaria tables to Malawi. eSIM technology that powers 1.4 million smart meters for Stedin, that boosts the growing Electric Vehicle Movement enabling smart car charging stations for Car Charged UK and enabling International mPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response System) Initiative from Vidapoint allowing patients self-advocated healthcare, knowing they are a button press away from emergency services and family.

Fraud Management System by LANCK Telecom

Telecom fraud is a daily threat to everyone on the market. From international operator groups to regional voice service providers, everyone faces expenses due to fraud. LANCK Telecom’s mission is to provide partners of all scales with the tools to counter fraud and provide high quality services.

Our fraud management system’s key features include real-time signalling level protection and customizable monitoring, detection & blocking rules. The bespoke solution deflects all fraud attacks or cuts losses by 97-99%.

100+ partners served
60m+ fraudulent calls blocked monthly
800+ attacks stopped daily
$5m saved monthly

LANCK Telecom is a member of major associations, including those in the fight against fraud, such as the i3 forum, CFCA and GSMA FASG.

With Roaming Big Data services, mobile operators can reinvent their business model and optimize their roaming revenues. They benefit from a 360° overview of outbound and inbound roaming in order to implement an innovative and successful global roaming business strategy. Crucial KPIs covering permanent roaming, silent roamers, big consumers, M2M traffic… are delivered. All this in a flexible and user-friendly way.

By better understanding their roamers’ behavior, our customers can better negotiate their own wholesale agreements. They can then adapt their existing retail plans to increase their customers’ use of roaming data or identify specific roamer behaviors.
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Evolved Mobility

Mobile operators are retiring 3G technologies to reduce costs and allow for the re-use of spectrum, but this creates critical issues for 4G/5G only operators and their ability to connect with operators that do not support VoLTE roaming. Without connectivity to non-VoLTE-enabled operators, 4G/5G only operators stand to lose significant inbound voice and data roaming revenues.
Adopted by leading operators (Verizon and AT&T, Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility supports seamless 3G fallback to the home network for VoLTE calls and SMS made on the visited network helping to maintain or increase inbound roaming revenues, strong partnerships, and happy mobile subscribers while supporting transitions to future technologies.


Telefónica’s Connectivity Hub service, an evolution of our Sponsored Roaming, is a one-stop shop for enabling global roaming connectivity – one connection, one platform, global coverage and multiple onboarded Tier-1 mobile network IMSI donors. It enables connectivity service providers to overcome the main IoT challenges in different regions across the globe.

The service is part of Telefónica Global Solutions Wholesale Services portfolio and is one of our key global and international mobile services.

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Connectivity Hub is a cloud-based platform to manage infrastructure connectivity utilizing CUPS (Control User Plane Separation), regional and local breakout to enable low latency.

It supports 3G, 4G, and soon LPWA technologies (NB-IoT/Cat-M) and 5G, at competitive prices. The solution additionally provides a stable and long-term service guarantee by granting competitive advantage and having access to multiple profiles in different regions with tier 1 MNOs, incorporating local access agreements to address country-based restrictions, like permanent roaming limitations, resulting in a unique competitive advantage.

VALUE PROPOSITION: What benefits does the service bring to our customers?

Connectivity Hub is helping customers by simplifying the management of their Global connectivity strategy with flexible pricing and fast time to market. It is a comprehensive solution including all required services to address the increasing complexity of IoT and consumer roaming through one single connection to the hub, covering all the essential aspects needed to have the roaming-as-a-service in place and ready for end customers at best-in-class rates. It meets all roaming scenarios for a combination of services (Voice, SMS, Data) and 3G, 4G, with LPWA technologies, VoLTE and 5G to come.

It also offers long term stability by offering access to multiple profiles in different regions with tier 1 MNOs, including local access and other connection possibilities to overcome access restrictions. Not only does this provide a competitive advantage but it is also particularly important to address the unique challenges of delivering global scale IoT services and supporting long term connectivity needs.


Not only do we offer IMSIs from within the group, but we also enable IMSIs from other regional IMSI Donors (tier 1 donor operators) and local IMSI donors. In this way we can guarantee worldwide network coverage, best regional pricing, and address IoT challenges globally. Extending our footprint, more cost-effectively and with the necessary stability thanks to our long-term agreements.

Telefonica Global Solutions and Telefonica Global Roaming, our global roaming unit, combine the global experience and local reach of a leading group with a complete offer of services and technological solutions to meet the needs of each company and operator.

Finally, we offer access to new emerging technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT through an agile-based product strategy and technology solid evolution.

Telefonica is one the largest telecommunications service providers in the world, offering fixed and mobile connectivity as well as a wide range of digital services for individuals and businesses. With more than 365 million customers globally, it is present in 13 countries in Europe and Latin America, with extended presence in North America and Asia and service reach to over 170 countries.

As a global tier 1 carrier, Telefonica Global Solutions (TGS) has peering agreements with all tiers 1 carriers in the market, plus excellent connectivity through local accesses worldwide. By enabling other operators to take advantage of its scale, negotiation power, experience, and expertise TGS makes it possible for the operators to expand their reach and leverage the power of a global telco group to boost their own business. TGS provides customers with the roaming coverage they need without the complexity of dealing with multiple providers, whilst delivering the best end-customer experience

TGS has achieved industry recognition too; as a Champion Roaming Vendor for IPX and Sponsored Roaming in the Kaleido Intelligence 2H 2021 Roaming Vendor Hub and as the winner of the Best IPX Service Provider award at the CC-Global Awards 2021.

Smart Steering

Steering and discount agreements have traditionally been handled by separate teams within MNOs, and independent services with different configuration sets and levels of granularity. While one service calculates traffic distribution based on unique roamers, the other measures additional metrics such as financial performance. This approach can potentially lead to misalignment between business strategy and technical execution, such as delayed steering actions when a commitment is met, resulting in an average loss of $1.5M annually for a tier-1 operator.

TOMIA’s Steering Recommendation combines these two capabilities to offer smart recommendations based on deals performances and provide an outlook into technical steering instructions. These activities aim to facilitate wholesale cost optimization and quality parameters. MNOs avoid the hassle of having to manage complex groups affiliates and preferred operators relationships, whilst reducing substantial manual effort translating commercial targets into technical configurations.

The digital transformation is continuously changing businesses and how value is delivered to the customer. TOMIA’s Cloud Numbers is a communications-as-a-service solution for MNOs. With this service, MNO’s can address their enterprise customers by enabling mobile applications to connect directly to the voice and messaging telecom ecosystem and to the actual networks on which end-users reside. The classic use case is the click to call app that enables a user to connect with another user without having the contact information of the destination party, e.g. directing a user of a bank to a call center. Previously, MNOs were limited in their ability to execute this use case due to software and business limitations.

TOMIA’s Cloud Numbers enables MNOs to monetize their inherent number inventory (local, mobile, geographical, toll-free, universal toll-free), allowing them to compete within the mobile application and OTT ecosystem, with fully automated routing provisioning upon order receipt, rather than waiting for weeks in traditional provisioning processes. MNOs can retain control of services delivery by removing the middleman, such as third-party aggregators, and move up the value chain to become a core strength of B2C mobile communication.

Private LTE/5G Networks Extension

Private LTE/5G networks are small-scale, standalone cellular networks. They offer higher bandwidth, lower latency, and enhanced indoor/outdoor coverage, to connect a fast-growing number of devices and capture exponential amounts of data, from the edge to the cloud. From smart factories to hospitals, campuses, mines, and secure facilities such as power plants, military bases, ports, and airports, analysts predict massive development of private LTE and 5G networks in the years to come to support, industrial innovation and digital transformation.

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By design, these private wireless networks are however not interconnected to mobile operators’ public radio networks which may limit their adoption and potential. Today, organizations expect full control over their connectivity and independence from mobile carriers. They look for secure, fail-safe, globally scalable solutions that can enable any mobility use case beyond borders, at a reasonable cost. According to OMDIA’s latest Private LTE and 5G Network Enterprise Survey Insight (October 2021), 75% of enterprises want hybrid public-private 5G solutions.

Transatel Private Mobile Networks Extension solution enables a single SIM card to access both private LTE/5G networks and worldwide coverage of public cellular networks across 180+ destinations. Key benefits of this technology include service continuity across networks and geographies for moving assets as well as secure backup connectivity for business-critical applications (no downtime).

ZARIOT is the first global IoT connectivity provider to protect data and IoT devices over mobile network infrastructure and signalling protocols. All verticals have the need to secure mission-critical devices against DoS attacks and to effectively ensure data integrity and privacy of all users and devices. ZARIOT provides unrivalled control of global connectivity and security based on Zero Trust principles. The application is infinitely scalable, providing secure, best-performing, lifetime connectivity to any and all cellular IoT devices, at a global scale. As IoT projects and products develop across all industries and as cellular networks evolve, ZARIOT enables enterprises to adapt to changing needs and threats, while operating securely.


Global Connectivity

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