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After Vine what’s next for mobile video?

So it’s RIP Vine and thanks for some enjoyable six second moments. Twitter’s short-form video app couldn’t compete with Facebook Live, SnapChat Stories et al. But there will be plenty more twists and turns before mobile video is ‘done’… In March 2015, the tech press was gleefully reporting a war.…
November 3, 2016
Tech Focus

Automotive focus: Can your car be your mobile wallet?

If automobiles are becoming a little like smartphones on wheels, why shouldn’t they make payments too? At CES in 2015, Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, stood up and said: “We’re thinking of ourselves as a mobility company and not only a car and truck company. We want to be viewed…
Sam Hill
February 3, 2016
MEF AsiaTech Focus

Indonesia: The world home of BBM

Indonesians, in common with other Asia Pac mobile users, really love chat apps. Indeed, an InMobi report from 2014 revealed that 97 per cent of mobile users in Indonesia access messaging apps multiple times a day. Surprisingly, perhaps, BlackBerry’s BBM remains their number one choice.
Tim Banks
January 20, 2016