The UK is clamping down on data privacy. Better get ready…

British citizens could see an end to pre-ticked boxes and default opt-outs under a proposed new data bill. The law reflects changing attitudes to the way digital services handle consent, says Tim Green... Last week, the UK government issued a ‘statement of intent’ to strengthen its data privacy laws via…
Tim Green
August 17, 2017

Industry views: GDPR, are we ready?

The EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR), is just under one year away and expands the rights of EU citizens around privacy and protection of personal data. Among other things, it requires that companies maintain adequate data records, disclose data breaches and increase opt-out options. Heavy fines are on the…
Tim Banks
June 22, 2017

Embracing consumer trust and GDPR

Danny Preiskel, co-founder and Senior Partner at MEF Member Preiskel & Co discusses the importance of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and shares details of an exclusive event at which attendees can learn more about the opportunities the new regulation may present. As MEF’s on-going initiatives in Consumer…
Sam Hill
May 11, 2017
Personal DataPrivacy

We want our data back using APIs!

Tristan Nitot, Chief Product Officer at MEF Member Cozy Cloud, discusses how ambiguous language in the impending GDPR regulation may impede the use of APIs in allowing the portability of consumer data – and how organisations, including MEF, are helping to ensure the guidelines specifically reference them as a matter…
Sam Hill
March 14, 2017

World Economic Forum: consumer trust and a $10trn opportunity

The World Economic Forum is very optimistic about the potential of digital technologies to supercharge the global economy. But it says trust issues could hold this revolution back. Its new research paper dives into the topic. In the 20th century the global economy was supercharged by the arrival of choice.…
February 9, 2017