Building trust in the mobile platform

Consumer trust and engagement is an imperative for a healthy mobile ecosystem. Anurag Lal, CEO of MEF Member Infinite Convergence, explains how self-regulation and technology innovation can protect the mobile industry’s value proposition. In the newly released Jason Bourne movie, a hot technology company called Deep Dream, a fictionalized Facebook,…
Sam Hill
August 4, 2016

Industry views: Pokemon Go and the privacy of user data

Pokemon Go has been a phenomenal success. Almost overnight the game has captured more active users than Twitter. At the same time the game makers, Niantic, are increasingly coming under fire around privacy concerns re the user data that the game is hoarding - including location. Niantic's privacy policy notes…
Sam Hill
August 3, 2016

Consumer trust: real risks, richer rewards

MEF’s recent Consumer Trust Summit in San Francisco saw mobile privacy experts and regulators from the US and Europe gather to discuss the issues of privacy and security in mobile. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a series of podcasts and in-depth analysis on the issues discussed. Here…
Sam Hill
July 19, 2016

Standing up for strong mobile encryption – Mozilla Foundation

Mark Surman from Mozilla Foundation shares thoughts on why mobile encryption isn’t a luxury but a necessity, and an essential cornerstone of a healthy internet. Today, the Internet is one of our most important global public resources. It’s open, free and essential to our daily lives. It’s where we chat,…
Sam Hill
June 14, 2016
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Spotlight on: Hiya

The best way to fight back against phishing is to help people to know they are being phished. So says Stanley Kim, general manager of communications experience at Hiya. He talked to MEF about the power of ‘caller ID’ to combat phone spam… Last summer, a study revealed that email…
Tim Green
May 25, 2016

The great mobile data sovereignty debate

A recent case that’s been making headlines and putting privacy at the center of the discussion is the Apple versus FBI controversy. At the upcoming MEF Global Consumer Trust Summit, the industry will discuss drivers in the mobile ecosystem when it comes to privacy and security. One of the panels,…
Sam Hill
May 11, 2016