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In this exclusive MEF TV interview at the Future of Mobile Summit during MWC24, Tim Ward, VP of number information services at XConnect, talked about the surprising results of the company’s recent customer research.

It’s the accepted wisdom of many in the business messaging space that SMS is a busted flush. When it comes to one-time-passcodes, SMS is too expensive and too vulnerable to fraud. Or so they say.

XConnect is well aware of the negative perception around the industry’s ‘workhorse’ channel. But how true is it? And what are users actually doing, rather than saying? The number information firm decided to run a comprehensive industry survey with Mobilesquared. The answers were surprising. They revealed that the impact of price hikes and fraud – though real – have been slightly exaggerated. They also showed barely any change in SMS volumes.

In this exclusive interview for MEF TV, Tim Ward, VP of number information services at XConnect, digs into the survey results and speculates on what is really going on…

The on-demand video content from both the MEF Future of Mobile Summit and the MEF Global Forum – are available to watch now.

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