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In this exclusive MEF TV interview at the Future of Mobile Summit during MWC24, Lodema Steinbach, VP of Product & Carrier Relations (North America) at Sinch, spoke about a potentially transformative year for RBM…

Last November, Apple revealed it would adopt the RCS standard on iOS in 2024, after years of resistance. Its announcement was pretty terse and lacking detail, but it was still greeted with huge excitement in the B2B mobile messaging space.

Sinch has been watching developments closely – and advising its clients on the potential impact of the move for the RBM platform in North America. The Sweden-based company now has a huge presence in the US thanks to its organic growth and its acquisitions of MessageMedia, Inteliquent and others.

In this interview Sinch’s Lodema Steinbach shares her thoughts with MEF TV on Apple announcement, and she also expands on Sinch’s efforts to combat the US’s widespread message fraud challenge and the evolution of CPaaS in general.

The on-demand video content from both the MEF Future of Mobile Summit and the MEF Global Forum – are available to watch now.

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