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In this exclusive MEF TV interview at the Future of Mobile Summit during MWC24, Charles Upchurch, CEO of GMS, discussed how his company is adapting its services around generative AI.

Just days before MWC 2024, GMS unveiled a rebrand based around the slogan “Greenlight your tomorrow.” Why the refresh? According to the company, it needed a “consumer friendly and tech style” to reflect the changing market conditions around business messaging. The underlying cause of the change is, of course, generative AI.

It’s why GMS explicitly stated in its rebrand press release that it was “expanding beyond being a legacy messaging provide and becoming an AI communications solutions partner for mobile operators and enterprises.”

This process has been underway for a considerable time. GMS launched chatbots for enterprises last year, and has also made acquisitions in the AI space to improve its service offerings.

In this interview Charles Upchurch, CEO of GMS, expands on the company’s new mission and speculates about the impact of AI on the business messaging market.

The on-demand video content from both the MEF Future of Mobile Summit and the MEF Global Forum – are available to watch now.

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