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Mobile First Markets

Blockchain: Can Africa Successfully Leapfrog its Way into the Future?

Andrew Fassnidge, the founder of AppsAfrica and the upcoming Africa Tech Summit in Kigali, shares insights into the burgeoning blockchain scene in Africa, and discovers why the technology could be of huge benefit to the continent, and why educating governments and regulators will be key.
Mobile Advertising

TIK TOK under review by European Privacy authorities

The Italian authority for Privacy (GPDP) has launched a co-ordinated action to review the risks linked with the TikTok app – an attempt to protect children’s privacy rights. TikTok is a social network that allows creating and sharing audios, videos, and pictures, used by millions of mostly young users worldwide.…
Enterprise Communications

Chatbot Summit: You should treat your bots like film stars

Bots should ‘talk’ exactly like humans, right? Wrong. They should sound human but always nudge the conversation towards a desired outcome. Just like movie characters do, said one leading conversation designer at the Chatbot Summit in Berlin. What’s the most 21st century job you can think of? I challenge you…
MEF Member News round-up

MEF Member news, 27th January

Get the latest announcements from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news… Sourced from BICS’ global network, which connects over 700 operators and 500 digital service providers and carries over 50% of global data roaming traffic, the findings show an uplift in roaming…

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