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How do you pay for the goods and services you use each day? How you answer that will be determined by many factors: habituation, ease of spending control, anonymity, financial knowledge and skills, willingness of merchants to accept payment, the technology you have available to you come the actual moment of payment, connectivity and more.

It’s something very personal and definitely not universal. No cookie cutter in sight here…

MEF has a long track record of research it carries out with mobile subscribers just like you and I around the world and the backbone of the insights come from an annual survey we commission ourselves interviewing 8,450 smartphone users in countries across the globe.

It’s the ninth year we’ve been doing this but for the first time this year, we have surveyed across 13 countries and not the 10 we have been doing prior to now. So, 650 real people per country, covering all demographics.

The 13 countries we gather insights on are now Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the USA.

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Key Findings

  • India takes the lead in usage of mobile billing

India is the country where mobile billing is most popular according to this year’s survey, for the first time beating reigning champions Japan and China.

  • Phone billing online takes surprising dip

Using phone billing to pay for goods/services from an online store has fallen this year in what is normally the most popular type of purchase.

  • Age gaps: levelling the playing field

Mobile billing continues to be stronger with the youngest demos, but we are seeing more adoption with older age groups year on year.

  • Convenience and transaction speed remain absolute priorities

This survey has shown time and time again that users prioritize convenience and speed when choosing a payment method.

  • Safety slowly becoming as important

Safety is becoming more and more important to users especially in regions like India, South Africa and China

  • Concern at all time high

Concern of fraud in all varieties went up a sizeable percentage with concern of payment details being stolen as the biggest concern.

We don’t see that huge bullseye painted on the world of Payments getting smaller anytime soon. Far from it.

Protecting the consumer at every turn, no matter what they do across the mobile ecosystem, has been something we have always strived for here at MEF since our story began over 20 years ago and this work continues each day across so many fronts.

James WilliamsDirector of Programmes - MEF