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Taking place at the prestigious event facilities of The Honourable Society Of The Inner Temple in London MEF CONNECTS Omnichannel brought together stakeholders from across the Messaging ecosystem globally for the perfect stage to review mobile engagement strategies, build new partnerships, identify new target audiences, integrate innovative ideas and expand knowledge of this constantly evolving area. No matter the size, type or location of any enterprise, organisation or government, they’re all ultimately here to serve and protect. And, done right, this is exactly what Omnichannel can play a key role in delivering on so many fronts. And globally….

Now is the time for you to seize the Omnichannel opportunity, taking advantage of the amazing array of Digital Channels out there to grow your business, all whilst keeping an eye on keeping your defences strong – and this event will show you exactly how you really can do it all!

Day One

Opening Remarks

  • Dario Betti – CEO MEF

Keynote Address – Will We Ever Stop Speaking About Fraud?

Organizations and individuals across the world — from experts in global mobile communications to end users — speak about fraud every day. This five-letter word encompasses a massive array of experiential difficulties and communications threats, and the results of these threats on our digital identities continue to make fraud one of the foremost topics in this industry. But this begs the question: If so much time, effort and brain power is dedicated to fighting fraud, can we expect an end?

  • Steve Legge – CEO & President, netnumber Global Data Services

How The Threat Of Fraud On Messaging Is Challenging CPaaS

SMS is the bedrock of all business messaging and CPaaS but is under threat from fraudulent practices prompting brands to shift their spend onto other channels. Discuss…

  • Nick Lane, Founder & Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared

The Transformation of Voice – What Was, Is, Will Be & Why

We’ll be exploring the transformation of voice traffic over the past decade, from traditional retail to enterprise traffic. With often very sophisticated bad actors in play, differentiating between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ traffic has never been so essential. Join us for a look at the anti-fraud solutions currently used by operators which allow businesses globally to remain protected. Plus, we’ll be talking about the forward-thinking solutions currently reshaping the future of voice communication. What lies ahead for the telecom industry? Have your say!

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Andrey Gribov, Head of Sales, Voice – LANCK Telecom
  • Yana Matrosova, Market Manager, Western Europe – LANCK Telecom

Marketing Technology: The Key To Unlocking The True Omnichannel Customer Experience

The omnichannel revolution is forcing businesses to change strategy and adopt a new approach as to how they communicate. But many companies still struggle with adopting omnichannel communication strategies and transforming their offerings to fit conversational customer experiences. How can Marketing Technology (MarTech) empower companies to succeed with an omnichannel strategy? Join us as we look at the challenges and benefits, all underpinned by case studies from MNOs and brands!

  • Ross Flynn, Project Manager – MEF
  • Chrysa Karamanidi, CMO – Upstream
  • Katerina Matthaiou, Head of Product & Growth – Upstream

Google – The Relevance of Carrier Messaging

Google provide an update on its investments in carrier messaging, why it’s important to Google as a business and why maintaining carrier messaging relevance is critical in the current climate.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Tim Atkinson, Business Development Manager – Google

Phone Number Verification: Must-Haves, Methodologies & Mastery

Across the entire ecosystem of mobile communications, security, trust and effectiveness begins at the phone number level. More specifically, the ability to verify and vet every phone number in a mobile environment is the bedrock for greater effectiveness and better user experiences from onboarding to ongoing communications and beyond. Featuring industry leaders and phone number intelligence experts, this session will explore the vital nature of proper verification, how robust processes can be achieved, what kind of value it delivers to the mobile ecosystem — and a whole lot more.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Catalin Badea, VP Product Maangement – netnumber
  • Ron Bonnici, VP Pre-Sales & Product Management – HAUD
  • Ritu Taneja, Head of Carrier Relations, Messaging – Rakuten Viber

Omnichannel Messaging: Unlocking the Riches of Richer Channels

A fragmented market doesn’t necessitate a fragmented approach to securing new revenue streams. An in-depth look at market sizing and the factors driving brands and businesses down the omnichannel route.

  • Gavin Patterson, Director of Data – MEF

Leveraging Omnichannel to Create a Truly Inclusive Experience

The increased emphasis on ‘the customer experience’ suggests a real step forward for the telecoms industry. However, digital first and mobile first can actually amplify the problems facing those groups we have identified as being often excluded from the benefits of services. We have identified the Disabled, the elderly economically under privileged as well as those not physically yet connected. Most of these groups can be brought into the active addressable market if the industry takes on board inclusive design across the board. In this session we will explore how the #Inclusively work is progressing and key activities that every stakeholder can take to help build this more inclusive future.

  • Chris Lewis, Founding Director – Lewis Insight
  • Monica Paolini, Founder & Principal – Senza Fili
  • Chris McGinley, Inclusive Research & Design – Royal College of Art, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design
  • Katie Lyon, Senior Director UKI Sales, Technology – Genesys

Connecting the Dots: Building Untapped Synergies to Advance Businesses

Many brands already utilize diverse communication channels and are seeking additional opportunities to establish a seamless conversational flow with customers across all channels. What implications does this trend hold for messaging stakeholders? In this panel discussion, industry experts will delve into how collaboration among MNOs, CPaaS providers, messaging apps, and CRM or CDP services can contribute to the advancement of business clients and the growth of revenues for all parties involved.

  • James Williams , Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer – Rakuten Viber
  • Silvija Renusa, Senior Product Partnership Manager – Infobip
  • Paul Louden, Regional Director UK & Ireland – Sinch

Day Two

Existential Threats To The Future Of SMS

Join leading players from the world of A2P SMS for a no holds barred session looking at the existential threats to the leading channel in business messaging today – SMS. Commercial model pressures, increasing fraud – led in particular by the scourge of AIT – threaten the future of SMS like never before. The industry needs to act now to counter the threats to this wonderful carrier-based messaging channel, an important driver of investment monetisation for MNOs.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Deshbandhu Bansal, COO, Messaging Solutions – Comviva
  • Simeon Coney, Chief Strategy Officer – ENEA AdaptiveMobile Security
  • Pushpendra Singh, Global Head Of New Programs – Meta
  • Tim Biddle, Director of Operator Relations – Sinch
  • Uku Tomikas, Managing Partner/CEO – Messente

Conversational Commerce In 2024 And Beyond

Join the experts at Juniper Research as they explore the fast-growing conversational commerce market! Discover which mobile channels are expected to grow in popularity, what payment types are best-suited to conversational commerce, and how omnichannel communications platforms are playing a vital role in its growth; alongside a detailed analysis of where the conversational commerce market will be in two years’ time.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Nick Maynard, VP Fintech Market Research – Juniper Research

Unlocking The Potential Of A2P – How The Key Could be Differentiated Pricing

A2P SMS faces a number of challenges. OTT players are undercutting the market while using MNO networks to deliver their messages, meanwhile grey route traffic continues to erode the revenue lines, and price ceilings are beginning to take bite. So how can operators stymie this trend – and begin to drive growth into the sector that analysts continuously predict should be there. In this session, HAUD shares its data-driven approach to differentiated pricing strategies across the A2P ecosystem – offering insights and actions that will help MNOs and their wholesale partners unlock the true value A2P SMS should be delivering for them.

  • Ross Flynn – Project Manager – MEF
  • Joanna Kuligowska, Head of Global Market Intelligence – HAUD
  • Ron Bonnici, VP Pre-Sales and Product Management – HAUD
  • Kremy Dimitrova, Business Development Manager EMEA – Twilio
  • Geoffrey Jamieson, General Manager, Carrier Wholesale – Lebara

Fireside: Identity, Verification & Risk Analysis Unpacked – The REAL Story

The holy grail is for every single entity originating and sending messaging content to be verified as being genuine prior to any content being sent. How real is this though? With quite literally hundreds of millions of listed businesses alone globally (never mind government agencies etc.) how do we as an industry really go about creating trust architecturally and practically for all though? Not easy. But it is possible. Join us to find out how…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • John Bruner, CEO – Aegis Mobile

Which Channel Should I REALLY Trust?

It’s all too easy to view Omnichannel business messaging’s components as being separate and distinct, but there’s actually far more in common to most than one might initially think. Join industry experts as they put the key channels under the microscope and let’s see what is really going on out there…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Tim Ward, Chief Strategy Officer – XConnect
  • Nick Lane, Chief Messaging Officer & Messagologist – Mobilesquared
  • Waheed Adam, Executive Chairperson – iTouch
  • Jason Lunn, Global Connectivity, CPaaS – Cisco

The Business Of Trust – What’s At The Heart Of Communications Security

Brands of all sizes across a range of industries are engaged in a new world of customer communications. Omnichannel outreach has redefined the customer experience and given organizations new and meaningful ways to connect with customers. Access to users’ phone numbers leads to a host of benefits for customer onboarding, risk analysis and simplifying sign-in experiences. Keeping customers secure and safe in an omni-channel experience is fundamental to enabling deeper account servicing where higher risk activities can be transacted. The conversation starts with the phone number to establish trust in the customer and their device. Hear from industry leaders about what crucial best practices are necessary for screening, validating and managing the new heart of communications trust and security which all starts with the phone number.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Catalin Badea, VP Product Management – netnumber Global Data Services
  • Michael Bradford, Product Director – Syniverse
  • Olly Brough, SVP Sales & Marketing – Trusona Inc