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In this bonus report from MEF’s 9th Annual Global Trust Study, we take a deep dive into what mobile users actually use their phone for. How many are watching TV on their phone? How many use it for medical or fitness services? What genre of games are people playing? Is mobile preferred for video content?

This report is available for everyone, but this is only a snippet from the full Trust Study which is available for MEF members only. They also get to explore all the raw data as well! If you’re not a MEF member, you can’t afford to miss out on these kinds of insights.

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Key Findings

  • Mobile Usage at All Time High

Mobile activities have increased almost across the board within the last year, with the greatest gains seen in video consumption and transferring money to peers.

  • Most Social Media Users Engage Daily

A large majority of social media users engage at least daily, sustaining previously recorded frequency increases. Consumption of music, video content and gaming are also highly frequent.

  • Mobile is Increasingly Preferred to TV for Video Content

Those who consume video content on their mobile are likely to spend more time doing this than watching on a TV or other device – a pattern that is more marked than last year.

  • Hole in One

Mobile gamers continue to engage most with puzzles and strategy games. There has been an increase in those playing sports games