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News Roundup

Global Mobile news round-up, January 24th

Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. This week.. Vodafone pulls out of Facebook currency play, Google’s latest measurement restrictions make life hard for mobile marketers, the fear of ubiquitous surveillance, how IoT betrays us and much more… Vodafone Group became the latest high-profile backer to…
Personal Data

A temporary ban on face recognition in public: why debate is key to finding a balance

On Monday the chief executive of Google parent company Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, backed EU proposals for a temporary ban on facial recognition technology while regulators assess potential risks, highlighting concerns around the use of face recognition in public areas for subject identification, saying: “Facial recognition is fraught with risks...
Mobile Advertising

MAD//Fest: Can eye get your attention?

Clicks seem like a clunky way to gauge the effectiveness of digital ads. Can eye tracking do better by measuring what people notice, not just what they do? Visitors to the MAD//Fest conference pondered the question. Tim Green observed… Every marketer knows we are living in the attention economy. In…
Mobile Advertising

RTB advertising: ICO threatens punishments, more work to be done

Six months after its first warning the UK Privacy Regulator (ICO) is making clear that the issues with RTB online advertising have not gone away, and it is now threatening to punish companies that are misbehaving. The analysis from ICO shows that sensitive personal information is shared by some advertising…

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