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MEF Global Communications Manager Sam Hill shares details of a new industry platform for members and non-members alike, a curated database of current research, reports and whitepapers from across the mobile ecosystem.

While there is a wealth of useful material out there taking a deep-dive into the latest consumer insights, tech trends and buzzwords, finding current data or research on specific areas of interest can be time-consuming, and it can be easy to miss that essential data nugget you’re after.

Likewise, when producing reports and whitepapers it can be a challenge to cut through the noise to get your valuable insights into the right hands.

The MEF Insights Directory is a digital repository where MEF members and partners can easily share and promote new reports, research and whitepapers to a highly targeted and engaged, global audience.

Target a global audience

Contributors can leverage MEF’s channels and global network to help promote your research – including dedicated posts analysing your findings here on our award winning blog the MEF Minute, as well as featured spotlights and distribution in our wide reaching industry newsletter.

And of course meanwhile, readers can instantly access a library of new data and playbooks in a single digital repository updated on a weekly basis.

The MEF Insights Directory gets your company in front of MEF’s global community and demonstrate your business’ thought leadership in a way that you control, for the benefit of the wider industry – we think it’s a win win, and we’re looking forward to growing the catalogue of featured reports.

Free for MEF members, download the media pack to find out more about how you share your report with our global audience.

Sam Hill

Global Comms Manager, MEF