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The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is a global trade body that acts as an impartial and authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile ecosystem.  We work with our members to accelerate sustainable market growth that drives inclusion for all and delivers trusted services to enrich the lives of consumers worldwide.


We host 20+ events per annum across our Chapters in Asia, EMEA, North and Latin America. They provide a global and local platform for business partnering and knowledge sharing.


Market and sector data and reports to help your mobile strategy development. Our annual Global Consumer Survey studies the trends and behaviours of 15,000 mobile media users in 15 countries.


Collaborate with industry peers to advance solutions or overcome barriers to growth. Cross-sector Working Groups offer the ideal forum to share and learn.

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Seventy-five per cent of smartphone users read privacy policies as industry gets ready to embrace savvy consumers

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As businesses get ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation, consumers’ attitudes and behaviours around data driven services appear to be changing as well.

A new type of smartphone user – the ‘Savvy Consumer’ – has been identified in the annual Global Consumer Trust study from Mobile Ecosystem Forum whose report launched today in association with ForgeRock.

Cliff Central

WeChat’s African Adventure

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Tencent’s WeChat has already conquered China. Can it do the same in South Africa?. Brett Loubser, CEO of Tencent Africa Services talked to MEF’s Tim Green about rising to the challenge…

Fans of South African radio DJ Gareth Cliff have an interesting way of engaging with their favourite shock jock. Basically, they can ‘add’ him. In 2014, Cliff decided to do something different with his popular show CliffCentral. He was frustrated with broadcasting rules that limited what he could say. And he was exasperated that he couldn’t engage more directly with his listeners. So he migrated the show over to WeChat.

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Blockchain and mobile

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Co-chair of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network (BECON) Alex Bausch here explains how the technology ties in to mobile and how fintech companies are using Blockchain to usher in the next generation of mobile financial services.

Since 2004, I have been involved in the mobile revolution. Enterprise Managed Mobility promised to make the SmartPhone more secure, and at the same time deliver more control over the employees’ device. Bring Your Own Device was the big promise. The mobile end-points turned out to be the next frontier. The problem was that billions of devices and an equal number of online (mobile) services were hard to secure in a scalable way. A better way was to secure the identity in combination with the online service.


MEF Member News – June 26

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What’s the news from the MEF community? Here’s your weekly round up of all the latest announcements from MEF members including product launches, partnerships, research insights and more…
Guy Krief has been promoted by mobile commerce firm Upstream to chief executive. He takes over from co-founder Marco Veremis, who has become executive chairman.
Krief joined Upstream in 2004 and was most recently chief innovation officer. He was also co-founder of Persado, an Upstream spin-off company dedicated to AI-generated marketing.