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Whitepaper: Is it rude to ask your age?

Worldwide, policymakers, in response to measurable threats and harms to children online and due to a desire to make the Internet safer for children, are updating existing and issuing new age verification and assurance regulations. Age verification is the practice of verifying an individual’s age. Age assurance is a process…
Sam Hill
February 16, 2023
Internet of ThingsMEF Data

IoT Market Report 2022

The 2022 Internet of Things (IoT) Market Report is a survey of global enterprises with a goal to better understand how organizations are using or plan to use the Internet of Things (IoT), and to identify the key challenges, priorities, and opportunities. Senior executives from 270 organizations were surveyed. The…
Sam Hill
November 14, 2022
MEF DataOpinions

MWC 2022 – Key takeaways and reflections

It’s been a busy week in Barcelona as Mobile World Congress returned in full force. Here is a quick run down from MEF CEO Dario Betti on his highlights and key takeaways from the show. The big announcements for new mobile devices have left MWC. Big brands prefer their own…
Dario Betti
March 4, 2022
MEF DataOpinions

MEF’s 2022 Predictions

As is our annual tradition, MEF starts the year with ‘Predictions’ – an overview of the main themes coming in the next 12 months. Historically we have been very good (or lucky, or both) in the accuracy of our predictions, so much that this year we would like to remind…
Dario Betti
January 19, 2022
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Your personal data belongs to us, say enterprises

MEF’s latest survey, supported by Boku – Personal Data, Digital Identity, Verification and Authentication in the Enterprise: Analysis and Opportunities – has the goal of increasing knowledge around current enterprise usage and plans for the future – segmented by sector, geography and enterprise size. Report author Andrew Parkin-White shares some…
Sam Hill
January 13, 2022
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Mobile Games Consumer Survey 2021

For some, it is difficult to relate to mobile games as a proper media category. But that it most definitely is. Games played on mobile phones is now a vibrant industry, having grown considerably since the first preloaded game Tetris was preinstalled on the Siemens S1 in 1993, reaching consumers…
Sam Hill
December 15, 2021
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Roaming Whitepaper – The times, they are changing!

Everyone agrees that the pandemic has hit the roaming business hard and many are wondering if it will ever recover and, if so, in what form. Our latest report aims to provide a snapshot of the current state of the roaming business, as well as what awaits it in the…
Sam Hill
September 26, 2021