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The Hidden Segment: The world’s disabled billion

The image the mobile industry projects is one of increasingly sophisticated gadgets and ever more impressive networks to support our personal and business lives. Rarely did the issue of People with Disabilities (PWDs) come into the discussion. Individual disabilities were addressed in a narrow world of charitable organisations and special…
Carol Benites
June 2, 2021

A2P SMS data you can finally use for accurate business modelling

Mobilesquared have released their Global A2P SMS messaging forecasts Databook, taking an in-depth look at the projected growth of the global A2P SMS industry, including the potential impact of RCS. Here Chief Analyst Nick Lane shares some of the highlights. We have been tracking the A2P SMS space for the…
Sam Hill
February 21, 2018

Game of Phones, Deloitte’s African consumer survey

Smartphones are not just a part of our lives, they are our lives. That’s just one of the conclusions reached in Deloitte Africa’s recent consumer survey, Game of Phones. Here Arun Babu, Partner in the Strategy & Operations practice of Deloitte Consulting in Africa and Telecommunications Leader looks more deeply…
June 20, 2017

Introducing MEF Insights Directory – a new industry channel

Global Communications Manager Sam Hill shares details of a new industry platform for members and non-members alike, a curated database of current research, reports and whitepapers from across the mobile ecosystem. While there is a wealth of useful material out there taking a deep-dive into the latest consumer insights, tech…
Sam Hill
June 13, 2017