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The Meffys final, supported by Mozilla & BiP, is upon us, kicking off from 5.30pm tomorrow! (tickets available here, last few available!) We are taking a brief look at the finalists in the nine different categories.

The Mobile Messaging award, one of our new Global Initiative Categories, recognises the companies who are driving the future of messaging services, an area of key interest to MEF and its members. Whether it’s for authentication, customer engagement or marketing, and everything in between, this category showcases the best in mobile messaging.

CLX Communications / Symsoft for Continuous Firewall Security Service

SMS messaging is of course wildly popular, attracting billions of subscribers and senders. Unfortunately, messaging fraud has become equally prevalent, costing mobile operators more than $2 billion per year.

The Symsoft Firewall Update provides continuous security, constantly updating the firewall based on intelligence from cloud messaging providers. Using this information, Symsoft helps operators stay protected against new threats including fraud strategies, grey routes, sim farms and phishing attempts, blocking up to 95% of unwanted traffic.

The service also combats the customer dissatisfaction that comes along with spam and phishing. By blocking these messages, the Firewall Update Service cuts customer care costs and reduces potential churn.

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Infinite Convergence for NetSfere

Due to the rise of mobile messaging, employees often use third-party messaging apps to communicate with colleagues, co-workers, and stakeholders. The problem is, due to concerns around security and safety, 68% of companies’ IT departments are worried about their employees using such services.

NetSfere was created to address this issue. It is a cloud-based, enterprise- grade messaging service that offers a secure platform for internal communication and collaboration, giving enterprises total control over their messaging across multiple devices.

By leveraging the power of mobile messaging for enterprise use, NetSfere’s simple, intuitive platform also assists with improving productivity and fostering innovation – safely making information and docuuments freely available no matter what device an employee is working on.

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Mahindra Comviva for Ngage Messaging Platform

Enterprises and brands are always looking for new ways to reach customers more rapidly and efficiently, and mobile messaging has become a big part of that; deploying message-based marketing campaigns increases engagement and can help enhance the customer experience.

Mahindra Comviva’s Ngage messaging platform provides a multi-channel mobile engagement solution for enterprises to reach their customers, combining customer engagement, marketing, and promotion all into one solution. It also leverages the capabilities of multichannel messaging, allowing enterprises to interact with customers, partners, and employees.

Ngage is a powerful platform for operators, giving them diversity of communication along with unique policy controls, real time invoicing flexibility, business reporting and dashboards.

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OpenMarket for Virgin Trains – Project Surge

As also featured in the Engagement Catregory, Virgin Trains sought to address the problem of station over-crowding through an SMS priority boarding system, aiming to change the way customers move around the station and improve their overall experience.

Project Surge works by sending an SMS alert to customers 75 seconds prior to the information being displayed on the station’s departure boards. Passengers are informed of their train platform and seat number, allowing them to make their way to their train ahead of everyone else.

This innovative mobile strategy has changed how passengers move around the station and has transformed their travelling experience before they even board their trains.

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OPTIWEB for Glo Twitter Voice

Glo Twitter Voice was created in response to the growing usage of social media networks in Nigeria, enabling users to connect to their family and friends on Twitter in their own distinctive voice, even without internet access, anytime, anywhere.

This innovative service lets customers tweet by voice – simply updating their status via an IVR system, even circumnavigating Twitter’s character limits by letting users express more than just 140 characters through speech.

The advantages of being able to update social media through voice in areas where internet availability is lacking are clear, opening up such services to a much wider range of users who would otherwise be unable to participate. Hashtag; great!


SAP Mobile Services for SAP Authentication 365

SAP Authentication 365 is a portable and highly configurable end-to-end service that helps businesses to implement two-factor authentication service quickly and securely, enabling them to tap into the growing opportunity of mobile engagement, online banking, and e-commerce.

The SAP Authentication 365 mobile service adds another layer of security to customers’ online accounts beyond just a login and password through the creation of tokens such as one-time passwords (OTPs) or personal identification numbers (PINs).

The service also provides robust analytics that give businesses the ability to monitor authentication token requests and spot geographic or context-specific situation to improve the identity authentication process.

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Telefonica | Vivo for Vivo TU Go

Vivo TU Go addresses the problem of not having cell service by allowing customers to make calls through an internet connection. By using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, lack of cell service becomes a non-issue, and users can stay connected using just their internet connection.

Simple and easy, TU Go can extend the use of the mobile line in places where there is no cellular coverage through an app or can also be used through a web browser.

The service also enables customers to send and receive SMS messages and listen to messages from Voice Mail, as well as share photos, create message groups and make video calls.

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Turkcell for BiP ‘Discover’

BIP Discover is the name given to BIP’s marketplace – where pioneering use of chatbots matches users directly to a wealth of entertainment and content, without needing to download seperate apps or software.

BiP Discover is a new way for brands to connect with users though chat bots using 2-way interactions, and includes more than 40 different accounts providing information and entertainment services to users –including top banks, popular TV Shows, celebrities and content providers – and boasts more than 2 million followers.

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Join us at the Meffys finals – London Dec 1st

Meffys 2016 supported by Mozilla & BiP is part of MEF London Week (29th November – 1st December) which includes Messaging & SMS World and MEF’s European Consumer Trust Summit.

The winners will be announced at a networking reception and features an innovation showcase – your chance to meet the finalists as well as live on-stage interviews with the winners hosted by Shivvy Jervis.

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